• It's their territory

    We have taken so much from the Natives that we owe it to them to give a little back, and we can do this first by declaring their territory sovereign and letting them govern themselves as they so choose, and we should financially support these nations whenever it is necessary or possible.

  • Yes, let them choose their place in the world.

    They should be given the opportunity, yes. After everything that they have been put through and the things they have had to put up with it's the least we, as a nation, can do. It may be too little too late but any amount of respect is better then none.

  • They Kind of Are

    Native American Nations are somewhat sovereign and somewhat not. It honestly doesn't matter much because these pieces of land are virtually useless and so far out and away from society that they are barely sustainable, if you could even say they are viable in the first place. Native Americans deserve better than what they've received, but there doesn't seem to be much talk of improving their situation.

  • They would not be able to support themselves.

    To be completely sovereign would be a disaster for Native American nations. Remember, in many if not all cases, we forced them onto reservations with very little in the way of actual resources. They would not be able to support themselves. I think the current arrangement where they receive subsidies from the United States federal government, and limited sovereignty, is adequate.

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