• They should be treated better!

    Bare In mind, Natives came before the colonizers so the land is historically THERES. There is absolutely no question about it! They've already suffered enough in the past, So why are we trying to repeat history? It's 2020 people, Everyone is human, No one is special. Society just gives labels and that is all. We bleed the same blood.

  • Yes they should be treated better, But not given everything

    Native Americas were forced on to reservations. They can leave anytime they want, But their family is there and if they all leave they lose their land. There are no jobs there and the school system is corrupt and broken. They can't even afford a bus ticket to leave the reservation.
    The young people who do leave the reservation struggle to make it on their own in America like every else does.
    And you would think with the casinos they would be swimming in cash but only a few people own casinos.
    Some of them are not even native Americans but they are the ones getting rich from casinos because of legal loopholes.
    And like I said if they all left then big Companies would seize their lands and drill for oil.

  • Absolutely! . .

    They ARE the real Americans. The true ones. Not those stupid French, German and English foreigners. They are sometimes even called All-Americans! The answer is yes! Send the dumboes of English French (and German and Irish) descent back to England, France, Germany and Ireland! AMERICA SHOULD ONLY HAVE REAL AMERICANS!

  • Native Americans should HAVE been treated better.

    Native Americans and African Americans of the past received unspeakably horrible treatment at the hands of European colonialism, And there is no doubting they deserved far better; even in the frame of reality where the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Etc. Had to exist, The people of Native America should have been more easily/safely allowed to integrate into the country as an accepted people.

    Having said that, It's the past, And we should strive for a world society where we are all equal. It is most ideal that instead of playing a senseless game of getting even, We should move away from the kind of society where one kind of people is greater than the other in privileges and respect, And instead respect one another as hard-working, Taxpaying, Lawabiding citizens.

    Should any existing discriminations against Native Americans be eliminated as soon as possible? Obviously. Should their injusticed past mean they be elevated above African, Asian, Hispanic, And Caucasian Americans in a contemporary society? No.

  • Don't listen to the jerk on my left

    We can't ship white people back to Europe. If we do that, Europe will become overpopulated and polluted with toxic air. Just like many other countries in Asia. We were wrong to strip the Natives of their land but we need to make peace with them now and leaving the US to them all is not right. Helping the Natives go back to their way of life will just harm the Europeans environment with overpopulation and pollution.

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Krystan says2020-08-28T08:02:36.010
We should not treat someone better than other ones, Because everybody is also humans being. No matter where they are, They have the same opportunities and the same rights. No one is more important than the other one, And they deserve their human rights anywhere in this universe. For example, Blood is always red. No one wants to feel sad or unhappy, Thinking in the position of the other ones, You can feel their hurt and injury. Live with a sympathy heart and feel the pain of the other one like yours.

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