Should Native Americans have their land back? Deport all Whites back to England?

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  • Accept the past. Move on.

    What white colonizers did to the Natives was inhumane, Deplorable, And unacceptable but we are where we are.

    The prospect that all white people are going to pack their bags and leave is inconceivable. No other country would take our entire population. Not all people living here are descended from England, Anyway. People immigrated from other European countries. Not to forget the black population that was brought here because of slavery. As well as other minorities that immigrated from Asia and other parts of the world.

    While we shouldn't forget the history of what happened, We have to make progress within reason and forgive each other for barbaric acts committed by not just the colonizers but also some of the more territorial native tribes. They weren't all saints.

    Native Americans have received excessive reparations and are seemingly content to live in peace with or without us socializing with them.

  • Pretty much impossible to do so since they don't have any actual method to get rid of everyone else living in the USA

    Even if they wanted to, They don't have the numbers to do such a thing, Hell there is a reason why they got their asses kicked initially, Because of disease and the fact that militarily they didnt stand a chance. Modern day native americans could make use of modern guns, But you also need numbers, Which they lack.

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