Should Native Americans need to have tribal ID if other minorities do not require?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • If they want benefits.

    Because tribal benefits are limited to tribe members, a person must provide tribal ID to receive them. This is a Native American tribe that is making this requirement so it is not discriminating against Native Americans. If you are not Native American then you do not deserve benefits they are given.

  • Racism against Native Americans

    When one is filling out census forms, there are the choices of Native American, Black, Asian, etc. Ethnicities are listed as well. One issue I have is that Native Americans must have a tribal ID number listed on this form and must have membership in a federally recognized Native American tribe. When one is claiming to be black, that person does not have to have a membership in a federally recognized black community; when one is claiming to be Asian, that person does not have to have recognition and ID from Japan, Korea, China, etc. This is blatant racism against the possible millions of Native Americans in this country. Either make it to where all have to have a racial ID and recognition as stated, or remove for all.

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