• Of course they should

    Would you really care about what was going on above you if it benefited the country and you were dead...

    Besides, these burial grounds are hundreds of years old and really have no significance to a modern america.

    The burial grounds are irrelevent these days and seriously, they dont even represent a big part of out history.

  • No! That is So Disrespectful!

    Oh, my God! I thought we were done with this racist BS! Native Americans were the people who founded our country, and we stole their land! Why would we want to be thieves to them again? We should feel extremely sorry for stealing their land in the first place. And we should SHOW them that by not stealing their burial ground! Also, how would you feel if someone removed your family's grave yard? You'd probably be pretty pissed. Be empathetic and think about these peoples' feelings.

  • No, they should not

    I think they should be built around, not on. I know moving them is wrong as well, you wont see a war monument moved cause its in the way. The history is just important to them as ours is to us. It is wrong to think otherwise, haven't we done enough?

  • No they Should Not

    I do not believe Native burial grounds should be removed for economic development. We wouldn't tear up a cemetery in the name of profit and we shouldn't destroy burial grounds just because they are slightly older. These places should be maintained and kept safe from disturbances. Business can build elsewhere, I don't care how important they find the location.

  • No, they need to remain untouched.

    I think we've taken enough from Native Americans. We took their homes, we took their lands, we took their buffalo herds, all for the sake of our own economic development. I think now we owe them the respect of their burial grounds. I'm sure American businesses could find a way to work around this.

  • No, people's ancestors should be respected

    It is disrespectful to disturb the dead, whether they are
    American Indian dead or not. Blind progress and the lust for profit should not
    be allowed to invade the sacred land where people’s ancestors are buried. Just
    as a developer would not like to see his family graves disturbed, he should not
    disturb the graves of another family.

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