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  • Patent Inventions Not Cells

    No,because patenting human genes is a huge threat to basic science and should not be allowed.They have a significant number of genes that are patented but can differ from each person depending on their genetic make up making patents genes almost impossible.There is a distinction between inventions and laws of nature.The laws of patent should be used to protect inventions not something that scientist are just discovering.

  • No. Human genetics isn't something to manipulate.

    No. We should never consider manipulating human genes to the point where one would be able to patent their contents. Human genes are created by God according to how He plans. It isn't up to mortal men to manipulate God's perfection for personal and financial gain. We should leave this technology alone.

  • They Should Not Be Patentable

    Human genes should not ever be patentable. This is an essential part of human physiology, research, and science. Patents on genes would restrict the freedom of scientists to do research. Plus, it would concentrate power into the hands of the few who would profit greatly at the expense of other people.

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