Should Nazi war criminals continue to be prosecuted?

  • I agree Nazi war criminals should be prosecuted to set an example that crimes against humanity will not ever be tolerated.

    Even though World War II ended 65 years ago, I believe that Nazi war criminals should still be prosecuted. The United Nations has firm guidelines in place as to what is acceptable treatment of all people, even during times of war, and what isn't. Those responsible for Nazi war crimes clearly violated the rules of engagement in the heinous crimes perpetrated against other human beings. To become lax in defending the rights of humanity, we set a poor example for the world and tell the families of those victims that their loved ones' lives were less important than others.

    Posted by: enkosen

    Are people actually serious by saying no? Nazi's are a bunch of murderers; plain and simple. Regardless of the time frame, people were burnt alive, experimented on, butchered and tortured. If any of those people who were subjected to this kind of chaos survived, they would be astonished to think that people are willing to forget what they went through. Punish them, make them suffer like how they made others.

  • Can't change past. murderer stays a murderer regardless of how much time passes

    To ignore their horrific crimes, is saying that it is acceptable what they did, and it is not and never will be. Nazis need to be made an example of.
    No punishment any country will give them will ever be equal to the fear and hopelessness those innocent Jews felt at their deaths. They tortured and murdered their families and their poor children in front of them, breaking their very spirits before murdering them. Dispicable. Evil, at it's most pure.

  • Ever heard of a thing called justice?

    I can't believe some of the responses on here! First of all, we want to "prosecute" not "persecute" Nazi war criminals. Secondly, "prosecute" infers that there is a trial. The treaty of Versailles allowed for the prosecution of war criminals therefore it cannot be against said treaty to prosecute them. But my main point is that forgiveness does not necessarily include forgetting. Forgetting history can mean you are doomed to repeat it. To forgive is to will the best for someone and prosecuting these people is what is best for them, because you can still learn a lesson that can save you from eternal perdition at 100 and because IT IS JUST. Thomas Aquinas gives the best understanding on justice and why it is necessary for a healthy society and for balance in the natural order.

  • Yes we should keep searching

    We must do it for the people who did survive, we should also do it because all criminals should be brought to justice. Even though they are old that should not be an accuse they still did there crimes and that is something old age can not change. Also they do not regret what they have done

  • Terrible cruelty was carried out by Nazis.

    The Nazis killed over eleven million people, six million Jews and five million others in the concentration camps. Often, the people in concentration camps were "showered" with poison gas, subjected to cruel medical experiments without painkillers or anesthesia, and forced to dig their own graves before getting shot. If they survived being shot, they were buried alive. Even Hitler killed people for leaving him, better to kill many Nazis with a conscience than some eleven million innocents. Not prosecuting them, even after over fifty years, is like not prosecuting a serial killer that painfully killed eleven million people. It is not okay for the United States government to let evil murderers get away because of their age and the time passed since their crimes.

  • Nazi war criminals should continue to be prosecuted.

    We believe that they should be prosecuted because there is no excuse for what they did. Their unjust crimes against an equal and free race cannot go unnoticed. It was their decision to join the Nazis and their age should not be a factor of their guilt. It can be acknowledged that the age of the alleged criminals should be considered in a court of law, although this should not sway a jury’s verdict because age is no excuse for the crimes such as murder, torture, and crimes against humanity.

  • Why These Nasty People Should Burn in (a place that is not allowed to be spoken about in school)

    One reason that these people deserve to be prosecuted is because they committed a terrible crime and, just because years has past, it doesn’t mean the crime disappeared. Justice has no time limit. Age has no factor in the law. Just because the person is really old now, doesn’t mean the crime should just be forgotten. They still committed the crime; therefore they should still get punished.

  • Yes, it is still a crime.

    They have done a crime, so as a society we need to uphold our laws. What would it show today's criminals if people from years ago are getting away with mass murder? Nazis need to have consequences for what they did, otherwise no lessons will be learned. This is why they should be prosecuted.

  • Unspeakable crimes

    should always be recognized as crimes and treated as such. Many years may have passed after the WW2 but we should not forget so many innocent man women and children were brutally killed and tortured. Humanity? What about them? I say Justice on their behalf, justice to show our children that there is such a thing.

  • No

    Only the proven guilty of cruel or unusual punishment or murder should be prosecuted at all. Not all nazi officials or soldiers were guilty, They just did what they were ordered because they were against there wills. It is immortal and unjust, to do the same as they were forced to push on jews. Only if If they were accused of excess punishment, then it would only be fair to be prosecuted.

  • Many Reasons To Stop the Prosecution

    I'm split on the issue really, but I've actually listed the pros and cons, and overall I feel it unnecessary to continue prosecuting these people for many of the reasons others have already listed. 1) It uses up our tax dollars that should be used in hunting down current criminals. 2) The United States stood idly while they continued to let these innocent victims be murdered, and we literally did nothing to stop it, in fact, we even did everything in our power to pretend like it wasn't happening and to hide it from our own citizens. If anyone should be prosecuted, it should be the people of our OWN government for turning these people away who called out to us for help and security. 3) Though I don't agree that just because these men are elderly now that they shouldn't be tried, I do believe that too much time has passed and our efforts to denaturalize them from their homes is pointless. If you were going to punish them, you should have done it immediately after the war was over. 4) Most of these ex nazi wartime criminals were just people caught up in a corrupt government. What is one say, 16 year old boy who gets enlisted going to do to stop HITLER, of all people? Nothing. As sickening as it is, it was join and survive, or refuse and be killed yourself and, then you would have died in vain and for no purpose. 5) This comes from my spiritual standpoint, so discard it if you so choose. But two wrongs do not make a right. What these people did, whether they were the ones murdering, or were simply standing guard to stop prisoners from escaping, or were a cook for the SS guards, whatever the case may be. They know what happened was wrong. Whether they are forgiven or not is between that person and God. It is not our right to distribute the punishment. In the Bible it says to let God handle it. "Romans 12:19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] says the Lord."

  • What good could it possibly do?

    These elderly men have made a life for themselves over 50 years. The time has lapsed, so let them be. It does no good to put them in a prison for long-past history. They have moved on. I'm positive that neighbors and friends and friends of these accused individuals can vouch for their better faith. There is no reason to outcast these individuals. This is just another example of the media over-exposing unimportant controversies. Does it make reporters money? Yes. Does it matter? No.

  • Would you prosecute a liberal, or republican

    The men who are only guilty because the controlled media of America says they are, have demonstrated independent thinking, and patriotism. just because Americans scowl and scornfully mock the ways of independent countries like Nazi, Germany, and mock high standards of living, does not mean that they should die. Those of you who respond with " they killed Jews, we should kill them" forget that Jews were responsible for the death of thousands of Palestinians, and what about the bombing of Dresden, who was responsible for that? instead of focusing on patriots maybe we should focus on murders, rapists, and other criminals

  • We are just as bad as them.

    Yes, they killed people, specifically Jews, but we killed a whole load of them. So who are we to say that they should be prosecuted when we are still roaming free with murder on our hands as well? It's hypocritical! Sure we didn't hold concentration camps and that, but we still did wrong. And even if some of the Nazis are still alive then, by now, they would have realized what they had been FORCED into!

  • Are we the same by doing so ?

    Firstly I don't think we should be using the word nazi as too many people generalise it putting most things german into it. All germans had to be in this political party as there life was at risk if not. And every german man woman and children had to pay after the war for the right to not be Nazis. If we were to hunt down every nazi that was in the german army to what definition of nazi do you stop? All germans feared there life, it was do or die. So arresting 90 year old soldiers that had a fearful time then putting them in the dock reminding them of things that 99% of all germans would rather forget, is that not persecution ? Wheres the humanity in this? I'm not saying I agree with what happened in the war. But alot of bad things happen in the wars. Example to date, we british celebrate the bouncing bomb which in fact did no good in the war effort but killed 1200 people half of which were prisoners of war. Where's the consistency. Lets leave the terrible pasts of many wars pasr and concentrate on everyone's future.

  • No, because prosecuting Nazi war criminals does no good for society any longer.

    At this point, most of the Nazi war criminals are well into there 80's, if they are even still alive. Many, at this point, have seen the wrong they have done. Although I know it still allows for closure for some, prosecuting and rehashing doesn't always solve the problem in the end, and it's like grasping at straws.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • It's immoral to continue to prosecute Nazi officials and/or soldiers after the surrender of Nazi Germany.

    Continuing to persecute Nazi officials 60 years after the end of World War 2 is immoral. The mistreatment of Germany by the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War 1 is what fueled a hate driven Germany, causing World War 2 in the first place. Furthering mistreating Germans is not the way to go about bringing a peaceful world.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • What has been done is done.

    Nothing can bring the lost souls back and nothing can take the horror and pain away. Inflicting what has been inflicted upon oneself upon others will make no difference whatsoever. Then why do so? Forgiveness is the only solution that can solve the roots of the conflict. It is no longer the time of "an eye for an eye."

  • Stop reliving the past.

    I would not deny a holocaust survivor from seeking justice; however, I cannot advocate my generation or younger generations rerouting resources to this for our own sake. We have our own problems. It is a terrible thing that happened, but, realistically, that time is now a part of history. Again, if someone's aging grandmother wanted the conviction of an old war criminal, I'd fully support it as she carries the historical event within her. But, otherwise, this is not our fight. In fact, there is no remaining fight to speak of. Definitely time to focus on today's world's problems. Learning from the past does not mean developing an unhealthy relationship with it.

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Anonymous says2013-05-06T18:18:09.797
Rules of Warfare, to which the U.S. Was a signatory before WW2, defines the deliberate targeting of civilians, or civilian infrastructure as a "Crime against humanity" (League of Nations, Sept 30, 1938), to wit:
[ I. Recognizes the following principles as a necessary basis for any subsequent regulations:

1) The intentional bombing of civilian populations is illegal;
2) Objectives aimed at from the air must be legitimate military objectives and must be identifiable;
3) Any attack on legitimate military objectives must be carried out in such a way that civilian populations in the neighbourhood are not bombed through negligence].
Using this as a standard, should not those actors that planned and executed the firebombing of Dresden and the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, be indicted, and judged? It is obvious that they have not, and may never be. I don't advocate for this action, but how can this blatant contradiction be ignored? It would be better for the "Truth with a capital T" be, "To the victor go the spoils", which is the De Facto policy