• Yes they should.

    NBC should time delay the Olympic broadcasts. This will make it so that there is nothing bad that can air on the network. If NBC does not delay the broadcast, then there could be some bad things that can come across the air which would be very bad for NBC.

  • Yes, broadcasts should happen when people can watch them conveniently

    Even people who are mad for sports have other things to do
    in a day. They must work, take care of their children, shop, clean house and
    cook. That is why they cannot stay up all night watching the skiers, or sit
    home all day watching curling. It is obvious that NBC should delay some events
    for more convenient viewing. People who cannot wait to hear who won can always
    consult the internet.

  • The Olympics are only a biennial event.

    The Olympics occur every 2 years for only 16 days at a time. In order to satisfy everyone, it should be broadcast all day. Lost revenues are minimal.
    Also, NBC has a stranglehold on their footage and can remove whatever they like. Athletes from other countries are often skipped in favor of American athletes. This defies the spirit of the Olympics. NBC requires authentication if you want to see a live stream, so without a cable or satellite subscription, you have no live option.

  • No, NBC should not time delay Olympic broadcasts.

    Olympic broadcasts are expected to be broadcasted in live form by the people that watch the Olympics. The feeling of watching the event live is much more fulfilling in my opinion. If the event is time delayed, then you would not get the same positive feeling when watching the Olympics.

  • People want to watch when it happens.

    No, NBC should not time-delay Olympic broadcasts, because people like to watch the events when they happen. Also, NBC has a way of editing the broadcasts that cuts out large parts of each competition. When people watch the Olympics, they don't want to watch a digest. They want to watch the entire competition. Time-delay broadcasts don't lend to this.

  • It's A Waste of Time and Money

    I do not believe that NBC should time-delay the Olympic broadcasts. Firstly, I see this as a waste of time and money. Anything that happens at the Olympics should be allowed to air. Secondly, I think the delay allows the opportunity for censorship, which shouldn't be necessary with this global event.

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