Should NCAA athletes receive unlimited free food?

  • College Athletes Should Receive Free Food

    Clearly, everyone who is not in favor of this notion is NOT an athlete. Therefore, they do not understand how many hours are put into athletes daily schedules trying to balance practice, weights, classwork, study hall, tutoring, etc. Due to how busy their schedules are, there are not enough hours in the day for athletes to get a job, let alone always stopping to eat food that doesn't provide them with fuel in order to keep their busy schedules going. NCAA should provide free, HEALTHY food for athletes. By providing healthy food, they won't "end up being lazy and not wanting to workout or maintain their agility." Instead, the healthy food will be fuel for their energy in order to maintain a good performance on the field/court, and in the classroom.

  • NCAA Should Recieve Free Food

    Receiving free food would make a huge difference for lots of athletes that just do not have the money to eat healthy nutritious and healthy foods. In offering free food will allow players to focus on their game better without the worry of health issue and other issues that arise from poor nutrition.

  • No they shouldn't

    No, they have to meet a certain amount of food to maintain their health. If they were to go overboard on their food consumption they wouldn't stay athletic. They would end up being lazy and not wanting to work out and to maintain their agility. They would eat and become lazier.

  • There is no problem why try to create a problem?

    Athletes getting into colleges by playing a sport good is ridiculous to begin with. Now give them luxuries? I don't think so. There are students out there that can potentially be learning, imagine how high their tuition is going to get when the university is buying food for these athletes. College is not a place for stuffing your face and playing games like a bunch of children it's a place for learning.

  • Only If All Students Get It

    I don't believe in giving college athletes more than the common student at a college or university. I think the importance of sports in college is far too much. Colleges and universities are in place to provide an education, not a paycheck or a free ride. Athletes shouldn't receive unlimited free food, unless it's going to be provided to everyone else on campus as well.

  • No Free Food for Athletes

    NCAA athletes should not receive unlimited free food. The food should go to students who are not already receiving a plethora of rewards just for being good at a sport. Athletics is over-rated and the benefits of just being able to toss a ball, hit a ball, or jump very high are just overdone.

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