• Yes. Yes. Yes. Volleyball on TV

    Such a great spectator sport and if more people are exposed to it, then they will agree. So much fun to watch. I love watching football, basketball but once I saw volleyball I found it to be addicting. Even if I never played it before I can truly appreciate the athleticism in this sport.

  • Volleyball is popular.

    With the success and popularity of the Olympic sand volleyball team, the popularity of volleyball is on the rise. The action is fast, it is both highly competitive and a team sport. NCAA volleyball is just as interesting as NCAA basketball. The audience is there, the television stations should make it happen.

  • Yes NCAA volleyball should be on TV

    Yes, I think that it is time to give all sports an equal opportunity to be on TV including NCAA volleyball. The sport of volleyball is pretty popular among many Americans, and more and more people would be able to watch volleyball games if they were broadcasted nationally on TV.

  • Volleyball can be exciting.

    If you are going to televised lots of other NCAA sports, then why not add volleyball to the list? If you have two decent teams playing, then the game can be very exciting. It would be an opportunity for a lesser known sport to get some exposure. Perhaps it would create a buzz.

  • If people will watch it

    Just like everything else in our society, if it makes money then it should happen. If NCAA volleyball brings in enough ratings to support a television deal, why wouldn't it be on TV? If someone wants to try and force NCAA volleyball on the public even though they are losing millions of dollars in the process, let them. It their money.

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