Should neighbourhoods be specially built so that they can be better served by public transit?

  • Yes, it could be helpful.

    Building neighborhoods specifically for a better public transit may be helpful in the long run. For one having a good alternative from driving will help clean up the air and keep others from further polluting it. It will make the people's lives easier when trying to get to and from some place.

  • It encourages more people to get active and it creates fewer emissions per person

    With the amount of pollution emitted by cars, it is becoming more and more prudent to take public transit as it has much fewer emissions for each person it carries. While improvements need to be made to public transit systems, it is much more efficient to take public transit.However, some transit agencies have difficulty serving some neighborhoods as they are built in a way that is more oriented to the car or bus, hence the need to build neighborhoods for transit, not the other way around.

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