• Yes, hate sites should be banned.

    We know what neo Nazis are about and they are about hate. We have freedom of speech but we do not have freedom of hate speech. So we should not worry about censorship when it comes to banning the web sites of known haters and supremecists and instigators of violence.

  • I think that all neo-Nazis websites need to be banned.

    I think that all neo-Nazis websites need to be banned. Don’t get me wrong. I am a firm believer in freedom of
    speech. I just don’t believe in
    terrorism. Neo-Nazis are
    terrorists. Allowing them to spew their hatred
    on websites would only increase their membership. These terrorists must all be stopped.

  • Yes. Anything pertaining to the Nazis or the Neo Nazis should be banned.

    If you look back at history, all the Nazis did was hate those they considered weak or inferior to them. They let millions of Jewish people, homosexuals, and mentally disadvantaged people die at their concentration camps and the Neo Nazis spread hatred and unrest everywhere they go with their stupid justifications of Hitler's nonsense. Many Nazis who survived World War II were sentenced to death during the Nuremberg trials and the Neo Nazis deserve nothing less if they are disgusting enough to do this.

  • Yes, although it's probably no use

    Yes, neo-Nazist websites should be banned. An ideology that claims that certain races are inferior and therefore should be eradicated has no place in the civilized world. However, there are plenty illegal things on the Internet, and it seems that nothing can be done to get rid of them. Banning Nazi sites would probably result in the same thing: they are banned, but they are still there.

  • Still free speech though.

    Why would it matter the ideas on the site as long as it is not illegal. If you don't agree with the ideas on this website then don't go on it simple as that. There are a variety of protective laws regarding websites that make it difficult or even impossible to ban a website unless they are repealed.

  • No, it is free speech.

    No, neo-Nazist websites should not be banned, because the websites are a matter of free speech. A famous man once said, "I do not agree with your word, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." It is important that they can speak their mind, as long as they do not make any specific threats.

  • Nothing Should Be Banned

    I do not believe neo-Nazist websites should be banned. The problem with banning one type of web-site is that there are other people who like to ban other things on the Internet. If you do it once, then everyone will want the one topic they hated the most banned. No one forces you to go to a web-site, if you don't like it, don't go there. Let people do as they please and try to keep the Interner open and free for everyone.

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