Should Nepal re-declare Hinduism as state religion, Or continue with secularism?

Asked by: srinivasdhakal
  • Secularism has no place in Nepal!

    The world tends to group "state religion" with "persecution" but this is not the case in Nepal, As Dharmic values of tolerance and acceptance have permeated every aspect of religious practice in the country. Secularism has no need in Nepal as it is a concept applied in Western society aimed to separate religion from government, And Nepal has been free of religious conflict and persecution throughout its history. Secularism jeopardizes the social fabric of Nepal and makes the country more vulnerable to foreign missionaries and NGO's which attempt to change demographics through conversion. Having Hinduism as state religion will not only satisfy the desire of the majority of the country, But will also protect people's right to worship and practice whatever religion they wanted to, And restrict illegal activities committed in the name of religion.

  • Try To Read All This

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