Should Netflix continue to pursue content production?

  • Yes they should as it was nice to see a new season of arrested development.

    Yes they should as it was nice to see a new season of arrested development. I would love to see more My name is Earl and would love to see not sunny in Philadelphia and raising hope and also firefly. Raising hope already features the cast from my name is Earl often and the ratings of the shows prove it would be a success to continue each series as they did with Arrested Development.

  • They Should

    I think they should continue pursuing content production. It gets people talking and is free promotion for their company. A lot of people I know are talking about the show Cards right now and Netflix. Them continuing this would help the company out a lot and it brings new content that's never been seen to their library. It is a win, win situation.

  • Netflix Lends Legitimacy to Online Streaming

    When people think of streaming online content, a lot of what comes to mind is illegal pirating. While a vast number of people still pirate movies online, Netflix is a way to kind of curb that. Additionally, it could provide a medium where smaller projects that can't necessarily pony up the dough to get a TV slot can air their shows.

  • They Should Focus On What They Currently Do

    I love Netflix and use it more than regular television. However, I only use the streaming part of the service. I find it irritating how there are many things that are not available as part of the streaming end of things. I wish Netflix would take the money they spend on producing program and actually give their streamers more viewing options of stuff that is not available.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Out Of Their League

    Netflix should stick with what they are good at, and that is content delivery. Creation of television content is completely different from simply delivering content to viewers. Reed Hastings is a decent CEO, but his content creation plan is foolhardy and will likely fail. Netflix has tried to stray from what it is good, and had disastrous results.

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