Should Netflix make a adaptation of Percy Jackson?

Asked by: artemis3
  • Percy jackson is better because

    Rick Riordans characters hold a place in my heart. He represents so many types of people, And his characters are so well written. Rick Riordans books are also way funnier! Just search up "funny Rick Riordan quotes" and you'll get a lot more than if you search "funny JK Rowling quotes. " Rick's books are better, Period.

  • Weren't the films enough?

    The third film adaptation was cancelled for a reason guys. Its proof we don't need a film or netflix adaptation to be around the corner for literally everything that happens to be popular. For instance, I am currently reading the Horus Heresy series. Does that series need films or netflix series? While the prospect is certainly a cool one, I don't think it needs it just because it exists.

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