Should new editions of the New Testament include the Gnostic gospels?

  • Yes, that would be broadminded.

    The Gnostic gospels were kept out of the New Testament Christian scriptures for a lot of what we might call political reasons, but they are enlightening documents that show us some of the esoteric meanings of the burgeoning Christian faith. So it would be great for scholarship and study if they could be included now.

  • New editions of the New Testament should not include the Gnostics gospels because these are not inspired by God.

    The Gnostic gospels seem to be non canonical and not inspired by God. The bible only contains scriptures that are written by men who are filled with holy spirit. The bible should not contain non canonical scriptures that are not sanctioned by God. The Gnostic gospels tend to contain conflicting information and are obviously just made up stories by man. Gnostic gospels seem to have ridiculous stories such as the notion that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene or that Judas was blameless. Therefore, these questionable gospels should not be included in newer additions of the bible.

  • The New Testament is Fine

    Gnostic gospels have their place. If the gnostic gospel supporters want their message heard, they can feel free to write their own book. The New Testament was created with this very idea in mind. The Old Testament lacked stories and messages that the Protestants wanted to share. Protestants come in many colors these days, but they still base their belief in the New Testament. Their interpretation may differ from sect to sect, but the New Testament is still the root of the belief. The Gnostic Gospels are no different. They are an interpretation of the text. I would suggest these new gospels be printed separately, or optional, but not mandatory.

  • New editions of the New Testament should not include the Gnostic Gospels.

    New editions of the Bible should not include the Gnostic Gospels because they are not historically part of the text. They are important writings of great historical significance, but they are not holy. People would find it offensive to have apocryphal writings included in a book which they consider to be scripture.

  • They Should Be Available

    I do not believe new editions of the New Testament should include the Gnostic gospels. This is truly something that should be left up to the churches to decide, such as the Catholic Church opted to leave them out and the other Christian churches simply continued to use the same book. I don't think they should be automatically added, but they should be available and more people should be aware of them.

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