• New Fathers Should Be Allowed Paternity Leave

    New fathers are critical to the life of a newborn. Allowing new fathers paternity leave allows the father to bond with the new child. It is also extremely helpful for the new mother to have help in transitioning and welcoming the new baby as the father can step in during times that the mother may feel tired or overwhelmed.

  • Yes They Should

    The birth of a child is something that only happens a few times in a persons life and they should be able to be there for that event. For that reason fathers should be allowed to take paternity leave from work. I think the times allowed could vary but generally a few days would be sufficient. Two days would be far better than none.

  • Give them the time

    I do feel like they should get a week or two but not the amount of time that they women gets. By not being there in the first couple of weeks the dad is loosing precious time that he could be spending with his new family and also helping out around the house while the mom is recovering from the birth of the child.

  • New fathers should be allowed to take paternity leave.

    Yes, new fathers should be permitted to take a paternity leave from work following the birth of their child, just as new mothers are allowed to take. Both parents play key roles in the shaping and raising of their children, both of equal importance. For that reason, new dads should be given time off to adjust and bond with their child as well.

  • Only if they are a single father.

    While fathers and mothers are equally important in raising a child, the mother is easily the most important during the first few months of a newborn baby. Mothers nurture and fathers discipline, and so the father's role is greatly diminished in this part of the child's life, while the mother is absolutely necessary.

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