• New Jersey should legalize same-sex marriage

    I am in favor of New Jersey legalizing same-sex marriage. There are numerous benefits that are currently available to heterosexual couples, such as issues regarding benefits and survivorship, that are unavailable to same-sex couples. Legalizing same sex marriage in New Jersey will furthermore help New Jersey economically by creating a new market for weddings for same-sex couples (wedding planning, catering businesses, etc.) that is currently being shifted to New York, where same-sex marriages are legal. New Jersey is ready for same-sex marriage, and I feel that by legalizing it, they will be in touch with the sentiments of the vast majority of the residents of their state regarding this issue.

  • Yes, NJ should legalize gay marriage as an elightened state.

    The state of New Jersey is in the vicinity of New York City to the north and Philadelphia to the south and has many liberal influences on its politics. It is time for New Jersey to step up to the plate and join the 21st century by making gay marriage legal for its citizens.

  • Gays Have Right to Marry

    Gays have the right to marry just as much as heterosexual couples. Suffrage should be nationwide since everyone has equal rights under the law. The U.S. Constitution doesn't have exceptions for equal rights, the document clearly states everyone who is a citizen has rights given to us by God. New Jersey, just like other states in the Northeast, should legalize gay marriage.

  • It will a come a time when you have no choice

    Yes. New Jersey should legalize same-sex marriage. At some point it will not be an option to not acknowledge that same-sex couples are here and they are not going anywhere. Couples are simply going to states that have legalized same-sex marriages and have the ceremony anyway. Personal feelings should not cloud the judgment of law makers.

  • Yes, the time has come for marriage equality.

    The right to marry, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to put an end to DOMA, is a fast-spreading idea that seems to be almost in our grasp in many states. We have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If two consenting adults wish to marry, no matter their genders or sexualities, they have the right to do so if it makes them happy. It's an inalienable right that belongs to all citizens of the United States. It harms no one, and America is finally facing up to that fact.

  • Good job New Jersey!

    The New Jersey Supreme Court was correct to legalize gay marriage. First of all, nobody in the world knows the Constitution of New Jersey better than the state Supreme Court. If they believe that gay marriage is allowed in the Constitution, then it is.

    In addition to it being the legally correct decision it is also the morally correct thing to do. Gay marriage harms absolutely nobody and it allows two people who love each other to live their lives. New Jersey became the 14th state to legalize gay marriage and hopefully it will not be the last.

  • No, a lot of states already have it.

    No, New Jersey should not legalize same-sex marriage, because there is no reason to legalize it. A person who wants to enter into a homosexual union can still do so by writing a contract with that person. A person who wants to marry someone of the same sex can already do so in a number of states. There is no reason for New Jersey to do it too.

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