• Yes They Should

    I support testing on animals when it helps ensure the safety of humans. For that reason, I believe that new products intended for human consumption should be tested on animals first. I believe it is admirable to stand up for animal rights, but at the same time people need to realize that animal testing has saved a plethora of human lives.

  • Yes, animal testing is a suitable way to gauge product safety for human consumption.

    Yes, it is acceptable to test products on animals before trying them on humans. The price of progress often means having to eliminate certain products from the marketplace, but having human casualties result from the testing process is unacceptable. When animal testing can yield valuable information about product safety, items helpful for humans can enter the marketplace without the risk of human casualties in testing.

  • Yes they should.

    Unless they have an alternative that shows the product is fine and will not harm people, than yes it needs to be tested on something. I hate the thought of causing pain to an animal for our sake, but on the flip side it would be worst to accidentally start an epidemic.

  • If they could harm

    If a product might harm a human then it should be tried on an animal. It is not right to arbitrarily torture an animal, obviously, but a human life is far more important than an animal's. If an animal can be treated experimentally and humanely for the benefit of people, it should be.

  • I think yes

    I think yes, because what if humans need to face extinction because of using a untested product that spread deadly disease? What if one day humans actually extinct, what if one day an asteroid is about to hit earth and humans are not there to stop it, what will animals do? Animals could extinct because the asteroid that could be prevented, humans could launch a few nuclear bombs at it, “The force from the explosions would (hopefully) provide enough momentum to nudge the asteroid in a different direction, preventing disaster.” says, science.Howstuffworks. If the asteroid actually hit earth it will certainly cause more death than testing product on animals before used on humans. Human is a dustorer of earth and animals, but they are also the protector an another way.

  • Of course yes

    Yes, because, if humans are extinct because of using untested products, and the product spread a deadly disease that made human extinct, if another asteroid is about to hit earth, human could launch a few nuclear bombs towards it. But if humans are extinct, who would help those poor animals to stop the asteroid? If humans extinct animals will have more death because of the asteroid that could be prevented if humans were alive. And everyone knows that it will cost a bigger amount of death than teasing product on animalsbefore use on humans. Humans is also the protector of animals and earth.

  • Of course NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It could seriusly harm the animal. What did they ever do to us. Even if it was trying to eat you its because it is hungry or scared. It is just wrong. If your are going to do a human test it should be done on a human criminal as punishment.

  • How would you feel!

    If you were locked up in a cage in a lab watching others being harmed for what! Damn mascara !Why would you blind a innocent animal for your benefit what is the point of harming a poor animal so you can look different would you put acid on your own family members face, hook them on drugs. What is the point of abusing a animal that probably never seem the light of day

  • No of course not.

    This is just so wrong. Animals are equal to humans and we should treat them like they are, and torture isn't right!!! And they just test completely unnecessary beauty products on them and it often kills them! This is just so, completely wrong. What the f*** is wrong with the people who said yes!!!???

  • They shouldn't have to die for us!

    If people need medicine or makeup to be tested then they can test it their selves. For one thing the animals aren't benefiting from these test and many test are cruel. There has been a case where dogs where forced to run on treadmills till they collapsed from a heart attack.

  • Animals have feelings too!

    Animals should not be tested on. They have feelings like us hum as and if we test on them they can become extinct like many other animals in the past.If it harms animals how do they know it won't harm humans? They don't so why not find people who will volunteer.

  • No, animals should not be used.

    There are not other animals with our diet, aside from the other great apes, which are chimps, gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans. Their diet is mostly vegetarian. What we are testing is processed garbage which no animal should be subject to. Especially ones that aren't similar to us and the diets we should be eating.

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