• Yes, it definitely should

    In the midst of the current flag debate, the alternative looks like a 'Rugby Flag' and is not a suitable flag for a nation-state.

    Also, whether you like it or not, New Zealand is a British Colony and we should be proud of that fact? The Union Jack is a symbol of our identity. We are British, and our values are based on British values.

    Third, the argument that New Zealand's flag is similar to Australia's is a weak argument. There are many nations with similar flags: the Netherlands and Luxembourg; Cuba and Puerto Rico; Romania and Mali. Just because other people don't know or notice the difference is not our fault; that's their problem; and we shouldn't have to change our flag just to make it easier for other people. Both New Zealanders and Australians know the differences in their flags.

  • The whole flag referendum was a flawed proccess

    The flag referendum began just after we won the world cup, and this affected people's better judgement as they believed that ruby was a main part of who we are as New Zealanders, thus the majority of the flags were ruby related.
    Also all the flag choices were terrible, i believe that instead of letting the public make a flag the government should have asked New Zealand's leading artists to create an outstanding and memorable flag. But instead they came up with 4 ugly flags that look like a logo for a two dollar shop, not the kind of look we want as a country.

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