• It should be Objective

    All news or part of media should be objective. It is because if your work is to report a news especially if you are a national anchor, you must state the fact without any addition or subtraction of the information you gathered. You can edit it for some instances so it might be sound wonderful. But we must remember we are not the one who are also have an opinion about on the said issues. News should be neutral so that everyone can view their on perspective on the said topics. And news it will remain neutral. And the one who reported it, especially media, they will not face the consequences like when someone might filed them libel.

  • Yes, news should be objective

    Even if we accept that all news reports, indeed all statements we encounter in life that originate from an intelligent being, that are said with a point of view that is not in some sense “neutral,” that does not mean that we as individuals cannot judge these statements by the degree to which they approximate our own abstract ideal of objectivity.

  • News should be objective.

    Of course news should be objective. The intent should be to inform and to present the facts. Unfortunately, in the quest for details, ratings and advertising dollars, news organizations feel that they must present information with a slant. Each organization wants the biggest audience and if putting an angle on the news will help them gain share, they go for it.

  • There should be no legal requirement for objectiveness but there is a duty to the viewers

    The First Amendment is more important then anything else here and it protects speech in all its forms. At the same time as a new agencies becomes larger or holds a national audience, they have a duty to the viewers to tell them the truth. They can have all the opinions they want but they should not outright lie to the public on purpose. There have been modern examples of major news agencies such as CBS and NBC who have lied either by presenting falsified information as fact or by omitting parts of a conversation in an audio tape to put words in someone's mouth. Those actions cross a line of intentional deception and should be prosecuted.

  • No Because It Can't

    It can't be objective. You will never completely filter out personal biases from the media. That's inevitable. No information you ever get is objective, it comes out of a human mouth or fingers and that person has biases which no matter how hard they try to control for then they are controlling for it with their biases.

  • No. The News Should be biased in whatever way it sees fit

    News Companies are just that COMPANIES. Their product is information and they should be able to market it as they please. Obviously it is IMPOSSIBLE for a news site to be completely unbiased, so their should be no expectation to be news site to do such a thing. Anyways, a news site can pride itself on being unbaised. News outlets such as FOX news and MSNBC are clearly biased and appeal to conservatives and liberals respectively. They present news, just in a very biased way.

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