Should news organizations call out lies that are told by the President of the Untied States?

  • It's their duty

    The news media has a duty to report real, truthful news to the people who are watching. When someone in such a powerful position wants to throw out lies every time he talks, the media has a responsibility to do their homework and inform the viewers that these statements are false. If the media chooses to just replay what he says, many people will just take his word for it. The media needs to report when he lies!

  • Yes, new organizations should call out lies.

    Yes, news organizations should call out lies that are told by the President of the United States, just as they would any other celebrity, politician or newsworthy person. The President of the United States should be held to a higher standard, and if there is unbiased and undeniable proof of a lie, it should be shared with the American people.

  • Yes, news organizations should call out presidential lies.

    The point of news media is to be a watchdog for citizens. It is for this reason that they are tasked with researching claims made by our politicians and ensuring they are valid. The president of our country is no exception to this, but in fact should be watched more closely than anyone.

  • Fake News is incredibly popular, the worst is CNN.

    I don't we should trust the mainstream media with anything! It is clear from their coverage of the presidential election and from their treatment of conservatives and non-liberals for the past eight years that they are dishonest and corrupt. Already they make up claims about Trump, claim they jobs he has already saved weren't really going anywhere even though substantial evidence proves otherwise. The leftist media has made it their goal to destroy Trump and would jump at the chance to call out "lies" said by this president. Yet, you notice they never call Obama out on ANYTHING, and when they do it is trivial, unimportant things or claiming somethings was just misrepresented or misinterpreted. Donald Trump is not a liar, and you shouldn't trust fake news. Of course, its time people realize that fake news is the liberal media. They are not news organizations, they liberal cheerleaders and referees. They cover stories that will get attention and ignore the ones that show the truth. So no, how about we don't allow the liberal media to control what is "true".

  • What exactly is the "no" argument entailing?

    It is perfectly within the right, and possibly even the duty, to call someone with Donald Trump's authority and power if they slip up. As for the only "no" argument on this, they cannot deny that although it might not be confirmed fact, and sure- may be called an opinion, they still should do it.

  • They are not the ones to decide.

    So much of what people call truth is actually opinion. It is up to the public to decide what is truthful and what is not. What CNN might call a lie, Fox News might call the truth. If a journalist is going to call someone a liar, they are stating an opinion and they should let the public know that it's just an opinion.

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