Should news outlets legally be allowed to publish lists of people that have conceal carry permits?

Asked by: Pyr0maniac
  • Freedom of speech anyone?

    Unless they acquired the information illegally (which would be a different question), they should not have a forced gag order implied upon them. Trying to arrest, or fine, or anything to that nature would ultimately be a gross violation upon multiple levels of the first amendment. Just because people don't want there dirty laundry exposed is no reason to violate the rights of others.

  • Of course not...

    But I can tell you one person who has one, Senator Diane Feinstein (Democrat) who's leading the charge against gun rights for the rest of us. A typical liberal hypocrite, who, like most of the Democrats that preach about green energy drives a gay gussling SUV, Isn't it embarrassing for liberals to vote for these people?

  • This is a definite no.

    What is the point of carrying a concealed weapon if everybody knows you have it? It infringes on peoples privacy and advocates conflicts, whether it's political or physical. I thought America was the land of the free, where you could do what you want, within reason, and not be questioned or attacked. The whole idea outrages me.

  • Protecting all people

    If criminals are kept on their toes because they don't know if somebody has a gun or not,it will lead to lower crime rates because criminals don't know, and they'll be hesitant and scared. If you publish all people with concealed carry permits, then criminals will simply attack those who cannot defend themselves.

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