• Save More Paper

    Newspapers are commonly purchased by older clients however I believe newspapers should be discontinued and moved onto on-line formats. Newspaper companies are unwilling to pay their couriers a reasonable wage for their services and the customers do not make up the difference with tips, therefore these papers are being delivered at the sub-contractors expense. Furthermore, producing these papers is a huge waste of paper that is no longer necessary.

  • Newspapers are a thing of the past

    Newspapers carry no purpose in the world today because social media and the Internet has dominated the means of communication overall. There are just to many paperless ways to receive news without reading an actual newspaper that does not require you to cut down trees in the process. In five more years I believe newspapers will be a thing of the past.

  • Newspapers should not be removed

    Newspapers should not be removed. There are many people in our society who still depend on newspapers for their information. Just because everyone or most people use the Internet does not mean that newspapers should be voided or removed. I still use newspapers from time to time, and there are many people in rural areas who rely on it for their news or whatever it may be.

  • No, they should not be removed.

    Newspapers are still important today for people who don't have time to look at articles online. A newspaper is kind of a classic thing for most people, and it gives them a since of feeling to the writers. Even though online news is more reliable, classic newspapers are still a pretty useful thing to have on hand.

  • No, keep newspapers.

    We are becoming cyborgs with all the devices we are attached to all day long. Whether it is a tablet, laptop, desktop, or smart phone, we are always glued to some sort of screen. Newspapers are a relic at this point, but one of the few we should preserve. Same thing with books.

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