Should newspapers publish addresses of gun owners?

Asked by: Fanny
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  • What? Who cares?

    Who cares where gun owners live? If a hunter owns a gun because he's a hunter HE OWNS A GUN. The gun issue is way too controversial, just let people own guns. In Canada we allow hunters with a permit to own a gun, but we don't allow anybody to have one. I know in your precious constitution it says a lot about guns, but those guys couldn't have predicted fully automatic machine guns any day. Okay I'm getting off topic. Why would a newspaper need to print this? It doesn't matter. Also, WHO READS NEWSPAPERS ANYMORE?!

  • That's a violation of privacy.

    Gun owners have the same right to privacy as everyone else! There are many reasons to own a gun. Newspapers should not put people in danger for abiding by the law! And in countries where gun ownership is not legal, newspapers should be sending these addresses to the proper law enforcement agencies rather than publishing them.

    Posted by: xy

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