Should NFL teams be weary of Shane Ray's alleged need for foot surgery heading into the NFL draft?

  • Teams should keep a watch

    Teams should keep a watch. This is so because there could be some lawsuits headed the way of the teams. Also, it prevents them from actually knowing who is a quality player and who isn't. The teams need to perhaps widen their pool rather than just use the traditional sources for recruitment.

  • Yes, it would be unwise to take on an injured player.

    Although Shane Ray is a phenomenal player and has received awards and honors in his college football career, Falcon's coach Dan Quinn is really taking a risk in keeping a severely injured player. If there are surgical complications or if the injury heals improperly, Ray will have trouble with that injury throughout his NFL football career. As a defensive player, total body strength is essential to the success of the whole team.

  • Shane Ray is ready to play football.

    NFL teams shouldn’t worry about Shane Ray needing foot surgery. It’s been widely reported that Ray met with a specialist who said his toe will be just fine. Since he doesn’t need surgery, Ray will be available for post draft workouts. On Missouri’s March 19 pro day, he worked out and weighed in 15 pounds heavier since his last weigh in and he’s working out well according to NFL scouts.

  • Not at all

    I don't believe that the NFL teams should be worried. Shane Ray is still young so there a big chance that he will heal fast. They should be able to still count on his ability because he is a contender in the NFL draft. He got this far for a reason so one injury should not count him out.

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