• Are you seriously still doing this??

    Cut the crap. Nick is most deserving. He has busted his ass to out out great music. I don't know who you are but you must be a sad, spiteful, unhappy person to be spewing this crap. Get a frigging life. Move on. Who the heck are you to post this a whole year later.

  • Yes, Nick Fradiani should have won 'American Idol'

    I was happy to see Nick Fradiani become 14th 'American Idol' winner and I believe he deserved it! He is a great singer and to me he has the charisma of the star. Of course there are people who think he shouldn't have won for whatever reasons, but that would be a case no matter who wins. I think there is bright future for Nick.

  • Nick Fradini should not have won

    Nick Fradini should not have won. This is because there were so many others who deserved to win. Although he did his best, whether he should have won is all up to each person's or viewer's opinions. Fradini is not a bad performer, but he doesn't really differentiate himself in a sea of standard pop culture.

  • The America Idol winner is the most deserving.

    When the season finale of American Idol was over, another new "American Idol" was chosen, and this year like all years that honor went to the one most deserving. Nick Fradiani was a highly talented participant on this year's competition but in the end he did not win. The winner, like all years, is the one deemed the champion through the voter's choice and the judge's. It is no more complex than that.

  • No. I don't believe Nick should have won.

    I don't believe NickFradiani should have won American Idol. Clark Beckham was much more talented and more Creative than Nick. I also think Clark will be more of a superstar than Nick will be. Nick seems like a one trick pony to me. I think Nick got lucky and voters for Clark just didnt' come out to support.

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