Should Nicolas Sarkozy try to come back now that Francois Hollande has massive political troubles?

  • Yes perfect time

    Now would be the perfect time for Sarkozy to try to come back. The country is in need of change and his competition is suffering greatly. If Sarkozy ever wants to make a comeback he needs to strike now while the iron is hot. He may be able tot get enough support to win.

  • No, he should not.

    Nicolas Sarkozy should not come back in light of the massive political troubles that have befallen Francois Hollande. Nicolas Sarkozy has already had his opportunity to make his impact in France. It is time for an entirely new person to come in and take command. I think it is the only way to make things better.

  • France Needs New Leadership

    Nicolas Sarkozy should stay out of French politics and focus on being a father. Francois Hollande hasn't been the best person for the presidency over the past year if his cheating/mistress antics keep making headlines. The French people need new leadership, perhaps a younger person, who won't be so apt to sleep with any woman who undulates his way.

  • No, he would not be successful.

    No, Nicolas Sarkozy should not try to come back now that Francois Holland has had massive political troubles, because Sarkozy is not free from political scandal himself. All the French people would be doing is replacing one scandalous politician with another. The French people are tired of this, and want a new, more progressive politician. Someone else should rise through the ranks and govern France politically, as well as ethically.

  • Sarkozy Needs to Go Away

    Nicolas Sarkozy needs to stay out of the picture like he has been doing even now that Francois Hollance has experienced political troubles. In reality, the world and the country is a better place without Sarkozy meddling in everyone's affairs. He was embarrassed and disgraced at the end of his career after all.

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