• Yes he should be viewed as heroic.

    As far as de-Stalinization goes, I absolutely think that Kruschev did a great job of getting rid of the things Stalin set into motion. I also don't think that I have much of an opinion on this matter. I think the best way to gauge the heroic nature of his actions would be to ask someone that was around before and after Kruschev's era to determine the quality of life before and after.

  • He paved the way.

    Yes, Nikita Kruschev should be viewed as heroic for his de-Stalinization campaign, because he led the USSR forward. Ultimately Kruschev paved the way for Boris Yeltsin and those after him to collapse the USSR and return freedom to the people of Russia. Kruschev did a lot for the public perception of the USSR by investing in the space program.

  • Yes he should

    Yes, what he did took a whole lot of guts, and he did a low of work to make sure that these people in Russia got helped out a whole lot. I think that he is for sure a man that the world needs to look at as a heroe.

  • Yes, I think Nikita Kruschev should be viewed as a hero.

    Joseph Stalin was a brutal ruler of Russia killing millions of his own people, I believe Kruschev did the nation a great service by distancing itself from Stalin and trying to erase all traces of him in Russia. So I do believe that kruschev could be viewed as a hero for undergoing this act.

  • No, He Shouldn't

    To me heroism is usually something small, maybe saving one life, not saving thousands. While Nikita Kruschev did a great thing by heading the de-Stalinization campaign, I do not find the term heroic to do him justice. It wasn't a small task or something that changed the life of a few, it was far greater than that.

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