Should Nikita Kruschev have been less rude to the United States in order to create international comity?

  • All people repersenting there countries in a public forum should behave respectfully.

    In order to create a strong international community we must respect foreign nations and they to must respect us. Nikita Kruschev's comments not only make him look bad but reflect poorly on his country as well. As Americans we should ignore these statements and show that we really trying to get along with the other nations of the world.

  • All should have

    Asking whether any of the leaders of the US or the Soviet Union should have been less rude to each other or others does not really take a very broad view of the history of the time. Still, the right move for everybody involved and for the world would have been for them to do so.

  • His rudeness was pointless

    Nikita Kruschev rudeness to the United States was pointless and did nothing for unity and diplomacy among powerful countries or for the world in general. When people see world leaders behave this way, it should never be celebrated; rather it should be ridiculed for being so pointless and mean spirited.

  • Things were quite good.

    No, Nikita Kruschev should not have been less rude to the United States in order to create international comity, because it was not Kruschev's demeanor that was the large problem. The problem was a vast ideological difference between the two cultures. Being polite was not the central issue, because there were larger differences in play.

  • Less Rude, Really?

    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was the leader of Russia for part of the Cold War and for the most part he was defending is own country rather than worrying about being rude to the United States of America. In fact, given his strides I find it hard to believe that he was outright rude and given his substantial visits to the states during his time, I think he did his best, given the circumstances, to be considerate and courteous on an international level.

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