• It would improve the play station or the xbox

    If microsoft were to buy nintendo it would give them a were big advantage over sony since it would allow them to enter the handheld gaming industry. I also cannot being to tell you how awesome it would be to be able to play pokemon on my xbox and then to be able to port my progress over to my handheld xbox and go on a car trip or just go in another room and play with that

  • Hitting Rock Bottom

    Nintendo hasn't done so well in recent sales, especially with the Wii U (having cut the prices in half.) Despite their failing game consoles, their handheld devices are still popular, as are the games that come with them. Nintendo can either fall, or find a compromise by merging with another gaming company.

  • Absolutely Nintendo I'm my eyes are the kings of video games....

    Its quite the depression scenario to be honest I grew up with Mario and contra zonic and my all time favorite Jason's the Friday the 13th and of course you can forget Mike Tysons punch out and jaws pure classics still are. Nintendo is why I play games now Sony would be grateful to have Nintendo on board and monternise the classics into the 20th century I miss Nintendo as a pure gamer why this hasn't happen yrs ago I'll never understand please Sony merge with Nintendo the profits would be remarkable vintage games mixed with sonys power house ps4 jesus the prospects of what u could imagine and give to the consumers is something pure gamers are truly waiting for....Imagine a 2015 version of Tysons punch out of Friday the 13th amazing is what comes to mind fyi.....Loyal gamer for life Ryan Cummings

  • Nintendo + sony = results

    In the start of the early 90's games market was down to nintendo's games super mario bros, sonic etc and young children of all ages was playing games nintendo nowadays is aimed at children generation and sony based games like skyrim, grand turismo, fallout etc was aimed at older generation as more kids enjoy more active games like wii-u and mario games there should be a fine line between the right console and game for each persons needs. CONCLUSION:- I think sony and nintendo should merge to bridge the gap in age related games bringing mario and adult games togather on one powerful japanese console to compete in microsoft market if sony or nintendo intend to lead into 21st century as the anniversary of the merger as back in 1991 then i think the merger should continue buying each others assets game trademarks a handshake from both president companies would seal microsofts fate xbox 360 was a hardware failure console jaapnse technology will always be number 1 so i agree a merger on hardware and games by both top companies would change course of gaming history. LUGIA KANE

  • Yes they should.

    The Xbox One is getting Windows 10. That alone kills 90% of complaints I have for it. It crushed the PS4. Sony NEED an edge over Microsoft, because right now, PS4 is a discount Xbox with crappy features. Nintendo NEED more processing power for their games. Xenoblade and Zelda were MASTERPIECES. But the Wii U is too underpowered to fully utilise this. PS4 is more powerful, so they could push it to the point were Skyrim is child's play, considering how good they are with hardware.

  • Pokemon like skyrim!

    Every gamer in this world has dreamed of a Pokemon game set up like Skyrim, a 3-D open world where you collect gear and pokemon and duel trainers in the wild. I feel this would only be possible on a stronger console like the PS4 or XBONE. The profits would skyrocket for whichever company Nintendo merged with if they came out with a game like this... There are other games too by nintendo that would just be phenomenal with a stronger software.

  • People are not looking at the facts

    To say that Nintendo or Sony is going to disappear if they do not merge is an absolutely ridiculous. Nintendo has made enough money through the Wii, DS, 3DS, and the recently trending Wii U to not only stay afloat, but to thrive. Sony is the one not doing well in their gaming division, but because Sony is made up of other divisions, the company can stay afloat. There is no legitimate reason for these to companies to merge and anyone thinking they should is reaching into the realm of impossibility.

  • The true death of nintendo would be selling out

    Obviously Nintendo's Wii U is a flop, due to poor marketing, bad launch titles, the day one update, and the market being a bunch of shooter and graphic snobs.

    Despite this Nintendo hand helds, the DS, 3DS, and the new 2DS have all had great success both critically and market wise. The Wii U also has incoming games that will be for sure market hits and selling points (Mario Kart, SSB4, Bayonneta 2, and so on)

    If Nintendo were to merge with Microsoft or Sony the soul of Nintendo would be dead, I mean, just look what Microsoft did to Rare after they bought the company from Nintendo. It would be nothing less a disaster.

    They will prevail, they always had downs, and they always had ups. This just happens to be a down.

  • Tried It Once

    Sony WAS with Nintendo once, for all of you that don't know. They didn't agree on things, and went their separate ways. I agree games may come out faster, or may not be delayed as long, but many of the franchises we know and love today that came out after Sony and Nintendo split up, may not have existed, such as Super Smash Bros. Also, the competition is good for the companies, giving them reason and need to make and create better and more technological consoles and games.

  • Nintendo = Revolutionary!

    Why Nintendo is so popular is how revolutionary it is. Nintendo single-handedly saved video games from extinction. They invented the first 3d graphics and games. They popularized motion controls and created a home video game console that could be used without a TV screen. They also invented a console that was portable and able to run at home. Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft just try to improve their hardware with little originality. If Nintendo were to fuse with one of them, we would only get Nintendo games cheaply packaged into a video game console with no originality and without a creative flare. If Nintendo was to fuse, it would mean nothing new would come into the gaming world, it would just be Nintendo's name sowed into a bland universe, and the gaming world would remain the same for a long time, if not forever.

  • Don't Monopolize Video Games.

    Nintendo should not merge with Sony or Microsoft. I love have 3 gaming systems each one is unique and different and certain games are more fun on each system. Batman with the utility belt being about to view it on the Wii U tablet is amazing. I don't believe we should limit our video game console selection.

  • Not really no

    Although I can't deny I'd like to see the awesome nintendo titles on other systems or even on iphone/ipad, The idea of them selling the company just wouldn't make it nintendo. If they would share a few of their games with other companies they would probably be very successful but nintedo wants to keep to itself and so i respect that. Oh and this paragraph probably made no sense so what I am trying to say is that I would love it if they shared or merged but it probably won't happen and I am okay with that as well.

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