Should no country have a veto on the UN Security Council?

  • It's the United Nations

    The United Nations was formed so every country had a say on world issues, not just a select few. These countries only have this power because they wouldn't have joined otherwise. The UN is not a real world council when any of these countries can stop anything put forward. It's like saying that because they have bigger weapons what they say goes. Every single country should get an equal say and the countries who had the power to veto should get off their high horse and stop trying to regulate the world and deal with the fact that they can't dictate what the rest of the world wants.

  • This is crazy

    Of course they should have vetos. Vetos are actually what keeps certain countries together. For example the most important countries actually have veto. Those countries are France, the United States of America, Russia, the United Kingdom, and China. There should be vetos. If you dont want to have a WW3 than you should really consider voting no. Just saying

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