Should No-Fault Divorce Be Repealed In All 50 States in the United States and Throughout the Modern World?

  • Yes 100% all 50

    No fault divorce along with poorly thought out welfare programs have lead to the destruction of the family unit divorce should only be allowed in cases of domestic violence ramped cheating or rape of someone outside the relationship marriage is forever its not relationship level 2 it is one man and one women becoming one flesh to death do they part

  • Female Nature Combined With No-Fault Divorce and Feminism Kills Civilizations. No-Fault divorce originated in Bolshevik/Communist ideologies to kill and enslave countries to godless financiers. . .

    80% of all divorce is filed by women after 1969 and the divorce rate is now well above 50 percent. All the ills of families are a huge hidden cost not being recognized on any balance sheet. It's killing our motivations and enslaving our women and children to government handouts and communist ideologies. Men are going their own way and saying f#&k it!

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