Should Non-Binary Identities Be Legalised?

Asked by: Ew2046
  • Society has already accepted non-binary identities. The law must catch up.

    In the past, Homosexuality was viewed with the same disdain and misunderstanding as non-binary identities. It was a psychological disorder, They argued, And the "victims" need medical help rather than encouragement. But as society progresses, We re-evaluate decisions of the past. First, Views on homosexuality were re-evaluated. Then they became recognised and accepted. Finally, Legal recognition was given.

    The same thing is now happening with the entire concept of gender. Our original understanding of gender was that there were only two - male or female - and deviating from this established rule was clearly a psychological disorder. Then we learnt some people are born one sex, But identify as a different gender (this is called being transgender).

    Now there is a general consensus that gender (identity) and sex (biological) are two separate things and there is increasing acceptance of the concept of non-binary identity. It's why the title "Mx" is now accepted by government organisations and businesses (in the UK) [1]. The Women and Equalities Select Committee have already released the Trans Inquiry Report which called for legal recognition of non-binary identities [2]. Guess when this was? January 2016.

    This has been stalled for far too long.

    [1] https://www. Dailymail. Co. Uk/news/article-3066043/A-new-title-transgender-people-join-Mr-Mrs-Miss-used-driving-licences-bank-details-government-departments. Html

    [2] http://beyondthebinary. Co. Uk/the-trans-inquiry-report-a-non-binary-summary/

  • See my debate

    I don’t want to reiterate why but if you check my profile you will see a much larger debate of the subject. I want to know what others things and why so please comment on here. Non-Binary doesn't equal a third gender, It is rather both or neither gender.

  • Gender Dysphoria Has Been Clinically Proven to Exist.

    Gender dysphoria is an error in a person's biology, Such as a mismatch between their physical sex and their gender identity or not feeling like they identify as any gender. It can't be 'fixed', Because it's not a mental illness. Gender Dysphoria can be caused by a fetus developing Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, Which causes the child to not properly absorb the hormones they are supposed to receive. It can also be caused by Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Which generates more male hormones in a female fetus, Causing the girl's genitalia to change in appearance and seem more male, Despite the fact that the child is female. Lastly, Biological sex is not just male, Female, Hermaphrodite. A child can be born with both male and female genitalia, Ambiguous genitalia and everything in between.

  • Why not support it

    Let people live their lives, Man, Cause it doesn't matter what you choose. If being non-binary makes you happy, Then the government should help you demonstrate that on formal identification. It doesn't really affect anyone, And it's sort of ridiculous to try to claim otherwise. I don't see why not.

  • Its too controversial

    The idea of non binary identities is still highly debated and currently, The idea is losing, Heck, America is already considering removing the idea of transgender being a thing, So i highly doubt america would accept non binary identities, I can see Canada doing it but basically every other nation wouldn't try it.

  • Unless your a true hermaphrodite.

    No, I'm not saying that people who claim to be a gender besides male or female should be arrested. If anything, They should be sent to a psychiatrist. A simple fact is, Unless your were born a hermaphrodite or various actual medical conditions, You were born as a physical male or female. The whole "identity" bit is a delusion. Like people that believe they are Jesus or Napoleon, These people basically have an identity disorder. A good possibility is that they don't like who they actually are so identify as someone/something that they are not but believe they would prefer to be. A simple fact is, You can't identify with something you have no experience actually being. The two basic gender have their specific differences in structure, Hormones, And even thought patterns. These actual physical conditions are how people identify as their actual gender. If you have never had those conditions, You can not identify as the gender that does. About the only thing you can do is identify with what you think being that gender is like. This usually means trying to take appear that way. I think it's funny how people that claim to identify as the other gender tend to have a natural sway in their step due to their hip construction but men who claim to identify as women tend to perform this sway to an exaggerated extent. Another example is bust size. If the average bust size for real women is a B or C, A male who clams a female identity will usually go two or more sizes up no matter what the average size in their family actually is. Clearly this is overcompensating to hide distract from the rest of their physically male features.
    Tho I wouldn't want them arrested or even harmed because of their fashion choice, I do think it's justifiable to make fun of them. Look, It's not okay to ridicule people because of things they can't control like their race but seeing that they can control what they choose to wear, You can mock people based on their choices. They wanted attention to how they look. Guess what, Not all of it will be positive.

  • They aren't even proven to be scientifically real yet.

    I am very into the LGBT community as I am part of it and have done extensive research into nonbinary genders and have talked to many people who either identify as a nonbinary gender and/or claim they are real. Every time I asked for a scientific explanation with a source they'd usually says one of two things. 1. There are sources out there to prove bigender and agender real but I can't find them. 2. I have a source here *sends unreliable source that is just someones opinion's on nonbinary genders and not fact*.

  • The government doesn't want to know your feelings, It biologically wants to know your body.

    The ID is a document to I D E N T I F Y you, In the physical and juridical worlds. The government doesn't care about your feelings, It wants to identify you in cases like crimes and etc. Unless if you are a true hermaphrodite, Or you are a man, Or you are a woman.

    Posted by: ARBC
  • Just read the guy above.

    The guy above me made many convincing posts, So you might as well just read his post. Its pretty good, Would recomend to a freind, Unless you don't care about this subject. Anyway, Read his post, Its really good, And it can shed some light on this issue. Good Bye.

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