• It's freedom of religion.

    Yes, non-Christians should give up on trying to force the Christian God out of schools, because the constitution says freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. God is a big part of our culture, and he is what most people believe. A few references to God here and there in school only makes school like reality.

  • No religion should have any influence on education.

    It is unfair to suppose that the influence of the "Christian God" on schools would be more harmful than that of any other god or, indeed, philosophy. Schools are places where children should be free to form their own views and their own perception of their world, without any influence (be it religious or anti-religious).

  • Yes, but as long as it doesn't impede learning

    Someone wants to be Christian? Sure, go ahead, no skin off of my back. Most religious people are fairly open-minded, quite kind and enjoy differing opinions. It's when it devolves into people telling others what to think that I would have a problem with it, and thankfully that kind of person is incredibly rare nowadays, with the only real Christian extremists being those idiots over at the Westboro Baptist Church. (Can we even call those deranged lunatics Christian?)
    I'll encourage the expunging of religion from schools when the way religion in schools is handled reminds me of the Middle Ages: "Believe this, that and the other or we will literally murder you". And that's something you'll genuinely struggle to find in today's society.

  • What's Wrong Catholic schools?

    If you or your child go to a Catholic/Christian school, then you're well aware that you will be taught about God. They make that very clear when a student enrolls. So, if you don't want your child or yourself exposed to God or other religions then dont enroll; simple as that.
    However in public schools that arent specifically Christian/Catholic and the child does not take any kind of religious education class then I do believe that the child should either have an equal opportunity to be exposed to all religions or allow the child to develop their religious beliefs etc at home/in their own time without the schools influence.

  • Children shouldn't be forced to believe in silly things

    If the children grow up and decide they want to follow a religion, then that's up to them, but young children shouldn't be influenced at such a young age to follow the ideals of a bunch of nutbags. Beliefs shouldn't be shoved into peoples lives and forced upon them, they should choose whether or not they want to believe in such nonsense when they are old enough to make their own decisions.

  • Non Christians Don't Care

    This seems like a petty argument to me. People who do not believe in religion or in a Christian God don't concern themselves with what others believe. That is their right to believe in whatever they want. As long as they don't force their religion on others. The people who do believe in other things, should not force their beliefs on Christians. People make things to hard for no reason.

  • No, schools should adhere to the law

    No, non-Christians should not give up on trying to force the Christian God out of schools. Schools are meant to be secular institutions that are able to cater to students of every background, religious or otherwise. While I believe Christianity is an important subject to cover in subjects such as History, it should be treated objectively. Students are free to worship how they choose, but proselytizing and overt religious discussions have no place in a multi-cultural learning environment.

  • God shouldn't be in schools

    What if you were a Christian in a country ruled by non-Christian religious law going to public school and being forced to learn about another God, would you accept it? Would you take it sitting down? The difference is that this is not a Christian country and the Christian God never had a place in school.

  • Religion is a barrier to the pursuit of knowledge

    Religion is a barrier to the pursuit of knowledge. Religion can cause laziness - praying instead of working. Religion wastes time in schools. I attended a catholic school and an absurd amount of time was wasted on religion rather than education. Religion needs to be forced out of schools to promote education.

  • All citizens should continually guard against religion's encroachment into public schooling

    The US constitution is crystal clear about this issue: government has no place in forcing a religious tradition on its citizens. However, there will always be people who try, in a variety of ways, to push their religion on everyone through governmental means. As such, true guardians of democracy should be on continuous watch to ensure that Christianity (or Hinduism or Judaism or any other religious tradition) is not given a place in our school systems.

  • It's the other way around.

    God shouldn't be involved in any public schools that are funded by taxpayers. In the United States we have the first amendment right of freedom of religion along with separation of church and state. The U. S. Is NOT a Christian nation, No matter how hard someone will try to convince you that it is.

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