Should non-contact team and racquet sports still be separated into women's and men's divisions?

Asked by: Almantino
  • Of course they should

    Just because you're not tackling someone does not mean that there's no difference in biology. Only 1 example is needed to prove my point. The fastest delivery in mens cricket is 161kmph (100mph), The fastest womens cricketer bowled 125kmph (77mph). For those who don't know cricket, Every local high school boys team has at least 1 player who could bowl 125kmph compare this with the fastest ever womens bowler and its a joke.

  • Women and Men are still different

    As anyone who studies biology/has common sense would know, Men are physically stronger and faster than women, and built bigger. Sports are separated for this reason. A man would have a slightly easier time against a women simply because of biology. That's not to say it would make a difference, only that Men's and Women's sports should be seperated

  • Of course NO

    We shouldn't be sexist. Men and Women are not different. We are all same and we are human. Men are humanbeings, also women are humanbeings, so I can't see any difference. We should stop being sexist and we should not seperate non-contact team and racquet sports non-contact team and racquet sports .

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