• The traditional understanding of the word "abuse" amounts to unnecessary amounts of force pertaining to the physical.

    Yet society should also learn to realize the fact that the word "abuse" doesn't always have to pertain itself merely to the physical, And can manifest in various ways other than the physical.

    Those who strive to hoard copious amounts of trauma unto those who don't deserve any of it, Even if it's not necessarily physical, Must be tried in the same way those charged with physical domestic abuse.

  • Non-Physical Domestic abuse is a crime.

    The things that accompany physical domestic abuse, Such as mental and emotional instabilities are also the same when you are verbally or mentally abused just without immediate bodily injury. This kind of abuse is also worse then physical seeing as though it doesn't leave marks, People usually deal with non-physical abuse longer, Are more damaged by it and can lead to long term suffering. That being -said abuse is abuse physical or non-physical.

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