• But Then Take Away Their Tax Exemptions

    Non-profit organizations should be allowed to profit, with a caveat. If the group chooses to become for-profit, then their tax-exempt status should be removed right away. Non-profit agencies exist as a way to help the communities in which they serve. Non-profit agencies, by their very nature, put the money they earn back into the programs they run. As soon as they turn a profit, the venture becomes a corporation and not a non-profit agency.

  • You're Asking The Wrong Question

    It's not that non-profits shouldn't be allowed to profit. It's that an organization that profits is not non-profit, and calling itself that is fraud and should be considered as such under the law.

    These legal registrations mean nothing. I mean, why doesn't EVERY company operating in the United States just register as non-profit to avoid taxes? They clearly legally CAN.

  • No, non-profits should profit.

    I do not think that non-profit organizations should be able to profit. I think that the reason they exist is because they operate the basis that the organization is there to do good for society and not profit in a capitalistic society. I think that if such entities were allowed to profit, it would be corrupt.

  • They don't pay taxes.

    No, non-profits should not be allowed to profit, because then they are no longer non-profit. If a non-profit takes a profit, someone is making money. This is different than keeping reserves for healthy operating. If they make a profit, the person who makes the money should pay taxes like the rest of us.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe non-profits should be allowed to profit. These organizations are suppose to help people and if they have a goal of profit, then they can't legitimately fulfill their purpose. I believe there are non-profit organizations within the US that should have their status revoked. Non-profits that profit shouldn't be allowed.

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