Should "non-religious" and "atheists" be combined on "Peoples' Religion" charts and graphs?

Asked by: MysticEgg
  • For Accurate Charting

    It allows to chart to become more accurate with different opinion s, factors, and views. It strengthen the chart accountability, of their statistics/ It helps a presenter for their presentation, giving the presenter a better demographic statistics finding while doing their presentation. Considering both have similar views on religions it's important for the statistics to be kown.

  • Atheist and non-religious is a totally difference concept.

    Atheist does not know there is God that loves them.
    However a non-religious knows there is God that loves us.
    A non-religious stand out because there is a corruption in religious! That broken the law of God. A non-religious is a true person who seeking God actually in my opinion. Amen!

  • No, "non-religious" and "atheist" can mean different things.

    No, "non-religious" and "atheist" should not be combined in surveys, on charts, graphs, and the like when asking about someone's religion. When people declare themselves as "non-religious," they may still believe in a Creator or God. Conversely, people who declare themselves as ahteists do not believe that there is a God. As an example, a person could be raised Catholic, believe in God, and consider themselves non-religious. However, an atheist is someone who always believes that there is no God.

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