Should non violent criminals have less severe punishments

  • Um maybe yes

    Here's the deal. It sounds reasonable but it actually depends on the crime itself. Let's just say a non violent thief stole a billion dollar golden statue while another thief punched someone and stole a wallet. Honestly tell me Peepette or some other person, who would have the larger punishment.

  • Would You be more afraid of a Murderer, or A Thief?

    Humans are extremely hypocritical, we are willing to kill the killers and murder the murderers. Through the past, an unidentifiable number of people have been shot, stabbed, drugged, raped, and that's being treated appropriately, and such as stating this I would like to again mention that people have been closely or extremely far away from being exposed and this has led to large wastes of money, and then It come down to money people have stolen millions maybe billions of dollars every year because of thievery. This causes people to use more of there money and protect themselves but, most thieves are unplanned and stupid. So this begs the question should we be killing them of for there own stupidity or simply lock them up for 5-10 years. Think About it

  • Non violent crime can cause serious damage also

    Even if it's not physical pain, non violent crime. Such as theft, can cause a lot of suffering and hardship. Somebody I know was recently convicted of embezzling $300,000 from a small business owner, who now has to change his retirement plans, his children will inherit significantly less money, and may have to sell his livelihood to pay off his mortgage and bills. The embezzler can get out at 5 months with good behaviour. That is a slap on the wrist, at best. I would happily trade 5 months for 300k in my bank account. If anything, I think their punishments should be even more severe.

  • Define Violent Crime

    The severity of the crime does is not always relative to violence. Financial institutions have committed crimes that have affected the US economy, all 330 million of the population. Looking at this against a thug that robs a person on the street at knife point, it’s difficult to balance which is more violent. Was it a violent act against the economy with its disruption and fall? Or is violence only determined by a physical altercation.

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