• Non-violent drug users should be sent to prison.

    Drugs are a plague to society, and drug users should be detained where they cannot hard normal people. Even if drug users have not been violent in the past, they can often become violent because drugs cause lapses in judgment. Furthermore, drug users need to be punished for their actions, and jail is the best solution.

  • No not at all

    Also prisons are not improving the way drug offenders think. They go and come out still wanting drugs. We have to think of some other way than putting them in jail. Also the price in prison is so expensive and treatment programs or anything that will help would probably we cheaper and more effective.

  • I don't believe so.

    Our prisons in America are so crowded right now that it is becoming a serious problem. I believe that we should save the space for violent or armed offenders. I think that putting drug offenders through rehab would be a much better way to treat them. Hopefully, treatment would put them on the right path so that they don't offend again.

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