• The US is a white country only.

    The US is a homeland for white people and not for non-whites. Immigration from non-white countries must be prohibited. White people have made this country and non-whites do not belong in this country. If you are against this, then you are anti-white promoting the reduction of our race. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Whites and blacks are both settled on stolen land.

    Whites and blacks are both settled on stolen land. The so called continent of "America" belongs to its truly rightful inhabitants, the so called "Indians". It has happened before that stolen lands have been reconquered by its original owners. It can happen again. Have "Indians" ever given permission to have a "diverse and free country" established in their lands by foreigners? Country of rightness and justice, yeah sure.

  • White People built this country

    White People are Awesome a a. A. A a a. A a a a. AAA as a aa a. A a aa a a. Aa. A a a. Aa a. A a a. Aa. Aa. A a. Aa. A a. Aa a a a aa. Aa. A a a a a a. Aa

  • Why would anyone even consider this?

    America is known for it's diversity, which is an important part of it, as well as equal rights for everyone. Did you ever hear the term "the great American melting pot"? It's the 21st century. It shocks me that racists like this even exist still. Non-whites have brought great culture, inventions, and many different assets that the modern day America could not live without.

  • Are you on drugs?

    This may be news to you, but white people are only the majority in this country and a few European countries. (Also Canada and Australia, which are decidedly European). Should white people be expelled from the planet because we are not the majority? Of course not.
    And if you really want to play the ownership game, never ever forget that we stole this land from the people who were already on it, and we raped them both literally and figuratively as a people. It's too late to take that back, and expelling every non-native is equally absurd at this point, but if anyone has a right to actually want that, it sure as the sun will rise is NOT white people. I'm white btw.

  • America is for everyone

    When you say non-white, I assume you are talking about legal immigrants. Expelling illegal immigrants is another matter all together. I cannot see any reason how any immigrants are 'reducing' your race. America is for everyone, white people included, however making the decision to expel everyone else based on some homeland argument is one of the strangest, and weak arguments I've ever seen.

  • America is supposed to be the land of the free.

    If you think whites should be here and kick out all other races then you should check your info. The "whites" were the ones that killed many Native Americans. If anything the whites should be kicked out if your going by immigration. Just because you were born full white doesn't mean we should exclude other colors.

  • Of course not.

    If this were to be the case, US would be no different from South Africa during the apartheid.
    Furthermore, every country should be tolerant of its citizens regardless of race or religion. Equality must be globally recognised in order for our society and age to advance smoothly.
    That's what I feel.

  • Well it isn't a white country from the start.

    The whites stole it from the native americans so if someone would be expelled it should be then it is the whites. But no no-one should be expelled it's a country built by immigrants( White and non white). America is a melting pot of cultures. Pro-white is racism the end!

  • Stop being ignorant

    It really is ignorant that thier inbred family teaches them this but its thier own fault for listening to it. Anyway no becuase some whites get mad because other races work better and have the potential to make more money than they can ever think of. Also, my dad owns a resturant and we are mexican, so some white people get mad when he orders them and im like damn right get mad but he signs your checks.

  • No, what's wrong with you?

    The only possible argument for a "yes" on this topic is supported purely through the type of blatant, uninformed, critical racism that's only found amongst Germans (terrible sorry, not racist I just couldn't resist). "Amajum": you should round up a couple of neo-nazis and play the modded version of wolfenstein 3d in which you're of the third reich.

  • Skin colour is irrelevant.

    Humans are humans are humans are humans. Identity and skin colour are completely unrelated, and anyone who thinks otherwise is being a bigot. This is the 21st century, in which everyone should be accepted everywhere regardless of their appearance. Discrimination has gone on for far too long. It's about time we recognised that, astonishingly, all people are people.

  • That is unamerican

    America is a land where everyone is free and equal. There were natives here when the Europeans came to the Americas, and we stole THEIR land. We forced Africans here against their will. Now, this land is not for anyone in particular but for everyone who lives here. Diversity is an okay thing, humans are humans.

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kbub says2014-08-22T21:33:33.540
Must be so hard being white, in the face of such oppression.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-25T01:27:05.103
Those bad white folks get da' better drinking fountains, Pastor Kbub Luther King!