• The law is the law.

    Yes, there are no exceptions to breaking the law. If we want zero tolerance, all offenders must serve their time. Maybe non-violent offenders can serve less time or at least community service but they must pay dues. Drugs are damaging to the body. It sets a bad example for kids when a drug user gets off easy.

  • Jail time

    Yes, I personally think that even nonviolent drug users and offenders should serve jail time. Although I do think that they should be in a less security prison away from the violent people. It is the law and it is illegal. What kind of example would that set for kids when they see them get off free?

  • Off Too Easy

    Not putting them in prison sends a loud and clear-----Wrong Message! For them, It's ok to break the law. . . . Use drugs. . . . Make asses of themselves. . . . Make bad decisions while high. . . . . And no consequences besides a treatment center & a few meetings. Hello. . . . Where is the justice? If we're to have a safe society then the deterrents for crappy behavior need to come back and be enforced!

  • Its the law

    Yes, because its the law and its illegal, it would also set a bad example to teens and kids if they saw someone illegally using or possessing a drug and seeing them get away easily. This could make them also want to take drugs illegally without worrying about jail. People who cause violence around drugs, like killing or injuring people to take their drugs, or robbing shops, should go to jail. If someone like a normal civilian is found illegally using a drug then they should be sentenced to a program to stop the use or community service.

  • Punishment, Punishment, Punishment

    People who do illegal drugs should go to jail. I am not saying for a long time and even give them bail but we can't just send them to rehab just like you can't just send your kids to there rooms when they do something bad you need to think of a punishment and prison seems like the best option for the illegal drug users punishment.

  • No Jail Time = Repeat Offenders

    I can break in your house, steal your valuables, forge and cash your checks, use your credit cards, and I won't go to prison. And, I can get caught doing these things over and over and still never get prison. What's the motivation to stop the behavior? Where is the line?

  • Get them help

    By putting non violent people, who had minor drug offenses such as possession, in prison, we are taking away the chances of ever recovering. Isolating non violent people from society is not solving any problems, it is just temporarily ignoring the problem. And then, when these people get out of prison, with a record, nobody wants to hire them and they don’t have anything better to do then to do drugs. Consider the experiment by Professor of Psychology Bruce Alexander, he placed a lone rat in a cage with regular water and water laced with cocaine or heroin. Almost always the rat would become addicted to the drugged water and eventually overdose and die. But then he placed many rates with colorful balls and tunnels and such. He also gave these rats drugged water and regular water, and the rats barely touched the drugged water. The key is connections and a good environment, not isolation. So, by placing addicts in prison, they will not learn better habits and better ways of life from their pals behind bars. People all over the world-rich and poor alike- are being torn from their family ties. More and more people are spending more and more time alone, therefore they are becoming more and more prone to using some type of drug. We should not treat drug abusers as tough they have done nothing wrong, but instead of just throwing them in jail for x amount of time, we should prepare them for a second chance.

  • Ok so lets think about this for a second

    1. Non-violent drug usage will often lead to violent drug crimes because people who are high aren't thinking straight and if they get mad they wont think twice about hurting someone or injuring themselves.
    2. Ok its illegal to carry drugs around so if you have them you should be put in jail. You might say "well they shouldn't be put in jail that's too harsh for minor offenders," but think if jail doesn't teach people not to do drugs a ticket sure won't.
    3. They probably won't have access to drugs in prison.
    In conclusion: What example would we set if people didn't go to jail for doing something illegal? It would set a bad example for other criminals and drug users alike.

  • The Law is the Law

    If people are using drugs and getting away with it, it's setting a bad influence on kids and teens. I think that drug users should serve time in jail because, if the law says it's illegal, than that person just broke the law. It's like a person stealing a iPad and he gets caught and gets away with it. That person just broke the law and now he/she need to go to jail.

  • Drugs are illegal.

    Since drugs(or most drugs) are illegal- I believe that yes, they should Be jailed for breaking the law. Even if they are non violent-they have the potential To become violent when they get high on some product. However-i think that there should be rehabilitation for the user. They should only be jailed on the account that drugs are illegal-and will cause harm to the guy useing em'.

  • Non violent is different from violent

    If someone keeps a job and has a healthy family, but uses drugs to "relax" then that is his own health issue. Since of course he did use illegal drugs, he could serve community services, etc. However, if he cant keep a job and abuses his family, under the influence of the drugs, then he should be punished. Thank you.

  • Non violent jail sentencing should be unconstitutional.

    I believe anyone being sentenced for a non violent crime is being forced against the constitution. It is absolutely wrong to take a persons time away from them for something that did no harm to anyone. For example, under no circumstances should someone serve time for owing money. Thank you

  • Our prisons are crowded enough

    It's really sickening that an 18 year old kid can get caught with a little possession charge and be sentenced to prison that destroys their entire life. I tell my kids drugs will destroy their entire life and not just be experimenting with then but also getting caught even once can destroy their entire future and rock their whole life.

  • Our prisons are crowded enough

    It's really sickening that an 18 year old kid can get caught with a little possession charge and be sentenced to prison that destroys their entire life. I tell my kids drugs will destroy their entire life and not just be experimenting with then but also getting caught even once can destroy their entire future and rock their whole life.

  • No Jail Time !

    They Should Not Be Sentenced To Jail Because Its A Waste Of Money And space. Now these criminals are viewed negatively by the public because the people view them as a threat. But a non-violent drug offender is not a threat to the public. Now if you want non-violent drug offenders to serve prison time, there should be a huge bump in funding for services and programs in prison that are focused on rehabilitation and helping these people to stay away from drugs and trouble when they are let out of prison.

  • Should nonviolent drug users serve jail time?

    PUTTING DRUG ADDICTS IN OUR PRISONS IS INHUMANE IN MY OPINION. BEING A RECOVERING drug addict and alcoholic...I know many people over my 44 years of life and I've only come across a handful of people over 1000 or more drug user convicts that ever was taught a lesson by being punished by locking them up with other drug addicts and dealers that didnt learn more ways to plan their next use lifetime c or new contacts to help him and support him on normally what ends up being a lifetimer instead of shockibg them into sobriety. Give me a break. They need HELP NOT MORE EDUCATION ON BEING A USER !

  • Costs of the war on drugs far outweigh the benefits.

    The U.S. And other countries who ban drugs only exacerbate the problem they "wish to address." The high demand market becomes black and criminals take it over. This drives up the murder rate and violence in general as violence is the only way to resolve conflict "safely" in a black market. The harsher punishments on nonviolent drug abuse involving decades of hard time in max security prisons only encourage criminals to expand their services to more morally repugnant markets like human trafficking, sex slave trade etc. This is because the penalties are as severe for drugs as they are for more disgusting crimes in many cases. Criminal organizations realize this and decide they might as well get in on more profitable "services" if they are already risking so much with petty drug trading. When you begin to see the drug trade as a market (which it is) things become much more clear. Keep in mind the high demand of "consumers" in the U.S. Drive up this terrible violence in other countries. Notable among this group are Mexico/Central America as the violent drug cartels destroy their own countries. The drug war has failed for the people. Drug use has only increased since its beginning and violence has skyrocketed. We need to look at the dynamic effects of governmental policy on our society. The truth is, they rack up tons of money and gain more power with every new measure to "clean up the streets and keep people from wrecking their lives. The result is actually increasing crime and an ever growing abuse rate. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD STAY OUT AND DRUG USERS SHOULD NOT GO TO JAIL JUST AS ALCOHOLICS DO NOT GO TO JAIL. We saw the effects during prohibition of this type of policy but we refuse to apply the same reasoning today. The double standard between how we treat alcohol/alcoholism and drugs/drug users is ridiculous. Please use reason and be philosophically consistent.

  • Non-violent drug related offenses that result in incarceration act not to help society, but rather as a hinderance to the well being of society.

    Those who are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses are 90% more likely to re-offend and 93% more likely to be unemployed upon being released from prison than those that are not incarcerated for this behavior. This evidence supports the claim that incarcerating non-violent offenders leads to a cyclic burden on society that drains resources to house, feed, monitor, sentence, and re-arrest offenders. Not only does this stance on non-violent offenders serve as a barrier to rehabilitation, it also imposes huge costs on tax-payers as these inmates must be housed, fed, monitored, sentenced, and arrested. The toll on society is staggering.

  • Revenue, revenue, revenue.

    Not the easiest question to answer. In certain drug trades, users are supporting horrible, widespread violence just by purchasing drugs like coke and meth. But in the most common scenario absolutely not. Prison should be reserved for people that intentionally inflict harm on other individuals. The government actually benefits from "the war on drugs". Not only do the wealthy drug dealers spend tons of money which outweighs the tax money they'd provide from a minimum wage job tenfold, but the misdemeanor charges the simple users are burdened with produce a ton of money for our government as well.

  • Lower the penalties

    It is ridiculous that my friend is going prison and being fined upwards of $10,000 because he had a personal stash of drugs on him. I was in court the other day and witnessed someone who was texting while driving, lost control of a truck and killed someone on a motorcycle, get a $1300 fine, 28 days and jail, and the rest of a year after that to serve on probation. Said friend has been denied bond until his court date and has sat in jail for a month and a half so far, and might be facing 10-15 years in prison. It is breaking him down as a person, because he is not a criminal, he is a sweet, loving young man with a drug problem. You tell me.

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