Should North America have a common currency, like the European Union?

Asked by: Katzuyao
  • Common currency means stronger currency and more allied nations

    This would make it harder for an economic downfall and a devalued dollar. With the more participants under one currency, the currency is stronger. A common currency would also benefit NAFTA in a positive way creating a more allied continent. Just like the European countries that have linked themselves closer together with their successful common currency.

  • Yes. Both countries are related in more ways than one.

    First of all, I would like to point out that the EU is not a failure. The people who run the organization and spending money are failures. The idea of an economic union between Canada and the U.S. would be better than the EU.
    1. Germany and France actually run the show in the EU. Of course every country has some sort of political stake in EU politics but when you look at the big picture Germany and France have a lot of control over the EU. The EU is also headquartered in Belgium. Belgium also has a lot of stake in the political scene. Canada and the U.S. actually will be represented by a 50/50 split rather than the best nations or nations will win. Ex. We can have an even number of political leaders running the union rather than numbers based on how powerful a nation is (economically and politically).
    2. The EU created peace. Peace between our nations will be secure. Our militaries are already under NATO, union merger will bring us even closer to Canada's military. We will establish better relations between governments and easier communication.
    3. If we merge economies travel and trade will be easier. No passports and no economic exchange. Goods from America can reach Canada and goods from Canada can reach America much more easily. Jobs will grow. It could also create a powerful super economy in North America.
    4. Canada and the U.S. have a lot in common actually. More so than Germany and France and Spain having similarities. An economic union would develop the relationship more.

  • We need harmony

    Canada and the U.S. need to be together. Canada needs to stop letting everyone into the country so easy. The border is now like the wall the divided Germany. A lot of people are related to one another on Both sides of the boarder. A open border with common currency a united military and policing would benefit both countries greatly. Would also go a long way for people in Alaska. And the high school kids in one small section of the U.S. near bc that have to cross the border every day to go to school in there own country

  • Regional integration is happening across the globe

    The world is moving toward a model based on regional integration. This has many factors but one has only but to look at the news to see this to be true: the EU, The new Eurasian Customs Union Russia has just created, ASEAN, ect. The failures of the EU should not define how North American integration should proceed.

  • American Dollar in Three Nations

    North America (Canada, USA and Mexico) should all share one currency and have a united economy. That is the first step to a United States of North America with a single federal government in Washington with state/provincial governments elsewhere. Having one currency is a step in the right direction towards a larger national government. Eventually, regions of the world will have one government before a united world government ushers in a new era of world peace in the future. It's time to accept one another's differences and unite for the common good.

  • Oh yes please

    Only if we get the loonies and toonies - those are cute. But who to put on the them? The queen? Well, she represents Canada and the US (at least until 1783ish - well, not the queen, but her great great great...), but not Mexico. Hmm...I say we put our favourite actors or nobel prize winners. But please, for the love of god, do not make all the bills monochrome (one colour...Green) - I'm looking at you America.

  • Common currency means more exchanges

    This will help countries to facilitate exchange without any fluctuation of money. In Europe this has created an even more linked economy between the member states of the European Union, creating dependence and peace between them. If there hadn't been the crisis of 2008 the Euro would be even more strong than the US dollar.

  • The Effects of a Common Currency

    If North America was to use a common currency, then what would stop it from becoming one large nation, merging all three countries. Be keeping separate currencies, each nation is given a separate identity, keeping the economies of each country separate from each other. If we did merge currencies, then wouldn't that equal out the economies of each country, bringing down the U.S., raising the economy of Mexico and changing Canada's to some extent.

    Also, with closed borders what would really be the point of using common currency? People are not free to cross the border on either side without crossing through a checkpoint. Therefore, they are not free to cross, shop, and go back home.

  • Examples show failure.

    History can show us many things. For example lets look at the EU. The EU has failed signifficantly where the EU had to bail out Greece out twice then the whole EU economy went to crud. It drug down Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. Not only did it hurt the European economy it hurt the world economy as well.

  • We're Aren't All The Same Country

    I don't think North America should have a common currency because the strength of the U.S. Dollar should be independent of the policies and politics of Canada and Mexico. The only things that should effect our dollar are our policies and politics. It would be awful if our prices were influenced by situations in our neighboring countries.

  • The us and canada are prosperous and developed, while mexico is still suffering to keep up with countries that are much smaller.

    I do not want to have my country's economy lag behind because of mexico or canada. I have seen what happened in the EU with greece, and that is probably what would happen. I want to rely on my country's personal currency and economy, rather than a foreign country. Their problem is not mine.

  • We're Aren't All The Same Country

    I don't think North America should have a common currency because the strength of the U.S. Dollar should be independent of the policies and politics of Canada and Mexico. The only things that should effect our dollar are our policies and politics. It would be awful if our prices were influenced by situations in our neighboring countries.

  • Two different economic styles to even consider.

    Canada is a socialist country like the UK/France/Scandanavia. The US is capitalist. I think these two different economic styles would clash in terms of politics to even work. In order to have the same currency you would need to merge politics in certain ways. Canada would work well with the EU/Britian/France/Scandanavia as they are all similar. No one would work well with the capitalistic ways of the US. There is no way to control the hoarding of money by owners of companies in US. The rich basically control that country. The poor are slaves to the rich. They do not distribute any of wealth to the country. Socialism to an extent makes sure money from companies is distributed back into the communities. It takes a longer time to work but as you can see by the standards of middle class growing higher in Canada/Scandanavia but shrinking in the US. Canadians would never switch to capitalism in a million years.

  • It would strip Canadians, Mexicans, and presumably Americans from their national identity. This "common currency" would also, give the US fed, which is scary.

    "The Amero Coin - one North American currency Back in the 1980’s when the U.S. And Canada signed the Free Trade Agreement the two countries might have agreed to something else other than trade of goods.

    Some people believe that the Progressive Conservative government of Canada, sold Canada down the river to the American’s by agreeing to a unified currency called the Amero.

    Under the Amero, Canada, United States and Mexico would use one currency similar to the what the European Union has done with the Euro. Also, under this new “Amero” currency the hope is to have the U.S. Central Bank control this currency and this is where it gets scary.

    If you have watched enough documentaries on how the American Government and Central Bank manage their money…. Uhmm you would not want them to manage this unified currency for all three countries (Canada, U.S. And Mexico).

    The U.S. Is currently trillion of dollars in debt, and to have the U.S. Manage the currency would be suicide as the American dollar now is near an all time low. No offense, but the U.S. Government cannot even manage their own economy right now.

    In any case, this new Amero currency, has not been set in stone just yet. First, whoever is the proponent of this idea is, will have to get all three countries to agree and I don’t think it will happen. Or maybe it already has, but all three governments are keeping a tight wrap on the secret." Taken from an artical that speaks about the Amero (http://www.Bibliotecapleyades.Net/sociopolitica/sociopol_globalization28.Htm)

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