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    The reason that they are bombing us is that they lost the Korean War. This might be one of the reasons that they did this. We don't know if it's a threat or not. I figured it out because I did a little bit of research. They might hit part of California. Part of Canada will be hit. North Korea's bombs aren't that strong enough to reach the USA. Donald Trump said that this wouldn't happen, but I'm not sure about it.

  • Keep North Korea from getting nuclear weapons

    North Korea should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. In addition then, they should not even be allowed to test nuclear weapons. They have long spoken of their desire to attack the United States, and any country developing nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc on countries shows that they are not capable of handling the responsibility of having a nuclear weapon.

  • North Korea should not be allowed to test nuclear weapons.

    North Korea is not a nation that is friendly to a majority of the world's countries. It is a hereditary dictatorship that oppresses its people. North Korea has tried in the past to break the treaty between North and South Korea by attempting to invade South Korea. North Korea does not follow the rules that the rest of the world does. They are definitely not a friend of our country, so allowing North Korea to test nuclear weapons would not bode well for the United States.

  • No, but who decides and enforces that?

    It is pretty clear that the rulers of North Korea should not have nuclear weapons, and they should not be able to test them, but it's not clear who should decide these things and how they would enforce them. The United Nations can vote on it, and maybe that would be a fair way to decide these international issues. Still, this seems like a difficult thing to enforce, since North Korea is a sovereign nation that doesn't have very good relationships with most countries. Telling them to stop testing nuclear weapons may not work very well.

  • North Korea has been testing nuclear weapons for the past 10 years under world scrutiny

    North Korea is one of eight countries to hold nuclear weapons. North Korea should not be allowed to test nuclear weapons because hydrogen bombs, stronger weapons than standard atomic bombs, pose a threat to international security. Nations should be working together with the U.N to eradicate the creation and possession of nuclear weapons.Without China's help, it is unlikely that North Korea will build a nuclear weapon small enough to fit a missile. Nevertheless, North Korea has proven itself as a leader in nuclear capabilities.

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