Should North Korea be more severely sanctioned due to its money laundering activities?

  • Yes, I believe North Korea should be more severely sanctioned due to its money laundering activity.

    Even with the heavy sanctions imposed on North Korea already they still continue to smuggle guns and drugs into China and abroad. I believe that imposed even stricter sanctions and crackdowns on the regime will expedite the end of the Kim regime in North Korea which is something that the world is looking forward towards.

  • Yes, they need to be.

    North Korea is absolutely ridiculous at this point. They are way too strict, and their leader is being far to uncooperative. They need to be punished and sanctioned more severely because, quite frankly, they deserve it more than any other country. They have ripped off millions of people in the world.

  • Yes, N Korea needs sanctions.

    North Korea absolutely needs severe sanctions due to its money laundering activities, as well as a lot of the other atrocities and crimes that take place within the borders of that bizarre and surreal country. What happens there harkens back to days of extreme ignorance, before the world moved forward and progressed.

  • Money laundering is a relatively innocent crime

    When discussing ways to punish North Korea, sanctioning them is not a good idea. Already they are a severely poor country; already, the corrupt leaders send all revenue to themselves. By sanctioning North Korea for something as small as money laundering (as opposed to their more heinous crimes in the human rights category, a much more pressing issue), the leaders are not the ones punished, but rather the innocent citizens, whom the leaders do not care for in the first place.

  • They're a joke

    North Korea is a joke, and their antics are really not that consequential on the global level. It makes no sense to give them extra attention or care about what they're doing because it just makes the issue larger than it should be. Barring genuine catastrophic threats of violence, they can generally just be ignored.

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