Should North Korea be taken as a threat to the United States?

Asked by: DebaterOnEdge
  • North Korea is dangerous

    North Korea is an unseemly blot on the face of the earth, politically speaking. Its government, especially the troublesome tyrant Kim Jong-un (may his end be soon) has violated many international agreements. North Korea has threatened the United States with war (directly and indirectly) for non aggressive things. They are even trying to develop tech that could endanger the US and other better behaved nations with nukes. Yes, they are a threat, yet they will be easily be defeated if they try anything. The Sword Stands Ready!

  • These niggas pussies

    They aint bout it these niggas need to open they eyes up shit we got hella shit that can fuck they shit up Fuck them they aint no savages Amarica got balls nigga thats why they missed that one nuke coming towards us they got bad aim like a 2 year old playing Black ops

  • Small penis communist

    Kimg Ding a long Jong Un ain't no threat to me. He's just yet another Asian commie over-compensating for his small penis. He ain't gonna do nothing. He's also fat too. And he has a dumb haircut. If he was gonna nuke America, he better look the part too. Damn commies.

  • No, absolutely not

    North Korea doesn't have the means to win a war against the US and its allies. They won't attack anyone as long as no one is attacking them first. They'll leave us alone if we'll leave them alone. The media is doing a fear mongering campaign. Kim Jong Un is just playing the tough guy.

  • North Korea is a joke

    Although North Korea is an abusive nation and has a tolittarian leader. He poses little to no threat to Amercia. North Korea has few nuclear missles which will never be used, he is but wasting resources. Think North korea is a threat is a waste of time. They have little to know economic attachment to the world. Their military is large but weak and the chances of a ww3 is nearly zero. I prove this through the cold war. People arent stupid, sending a missle would end human civilization. Countries that should be considered a threat are Russia, China, and nations in the middle east. These countries actually pose a threat to us, to our econmy, to international law, and our allies. If you think that North Korea is a threat think again.

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