Should North Korea Standardize Their Date To Match The Rest Of The World

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  • Koreans would be giving up their cultural values and loyalty to a former leader.

    While it is quite unusual to have a country that is in the year Juche 105, rather than 2016, this concept is nothing new. For example, the Jewish faith uses a Hebrew calendar to predominantly determine dates of Jewish holidays, with the Hebrew year being 5776. Similarly, North Korea uses the Juche calendar as a way to count and observe the years since the birth of Eternal Leader Kim Il-Sung. The Koreans revere Kim Il-Sung highly for his leadership of North Korea and it is a cultural and loyalty decision in which they wished to create such a calendar. North Korea should not standardize their date to match the rest of the world because they would be losing a part of their culture and reverence of Kim Il-Sung in the process.

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