Should North Korea stop its nuclear weapons program?

  • Yes, Or Jesus Christ will be returning to save mankind from itself!

    Because, there will be no flesh found alive unless he does or North Korea comes to their senses and the negotiations wanting to save themselves from the nuclear fallout of their own ICBMs being shot down as they take off and other nuclear weapons impacting them like Syria saw not too long ago!

  • Yes, North Korea should no longer engage in a nuclear program; it will lead to nothing good

    I believe that North Korea should stop its dangerous nuclear program. North Korea has an unstable leader who also had a lineage in the form of a father and former ruler who was also unstable. North Korea cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons, and should stop any attempts to create a nuclear program for the good of the world.

  • Yes, North Korea is out of time.

    We no longer live in a world that thinks nuclear bomb capability is all that impressive. North Korea is so terribly behind the times in thinking that developing this technology is at all worthwhile. The developed nations in the world will simply not allow going down that path again, as they have all agreed long ago that it is a dead end. It is a proof to me that North Korea must be run by people who have small minds not to realize that they are better off to cooperate in world affairs rather than act as if their small country can dominate world affairs. I agree with another poster who said they need to feed their people first, and all of this nuclear swaggering just results in trade sanctions that cause their population to be worse off. Where was this country during the cold war, that they are now just playing that old game?

  • Yes, North Korea Needs To Be Disarmed

    The less people that have nuclear weapons, the better. North Korea has shown an unwillingness to adhere to international law, and they have been part of the proliferation problem with Pakistan. However, making North Korea halt its program will be easier said than done. Still, somebody needs to find a way.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes.

    North Korea should defiantly stop their nuclear weapons program. They are only committing to these programs to threaten US allies in the Far East like South Korea, and Japan. They are also simply trying to stay relevant. North Korea should really commit the money they are using for these programs to feeding their people, who are mostly starving.

  • They need to defendthemselves

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