• It's a sensible third option to the question of national identity and brexit.

    When you look at the questions of national identity and of brexit, Ulster becoming an independent state makes the most logical sense as we could rejoin the European Union as a full member on our own terms, With access to the EU market, Funding, Customs union etc. It would satisfy moderate nationalists to leave the UK but not nessessarily join the ROI. We could also join the Commonwealth of Nations as a Commonwealth Realm where the monarch would remain the head of state, Which would appease loyalists as they would be able to retain a sense of British identity. .

  • An independent Northern Ireland in Europe

    The majority of people in (NI) are sick of the narrative created by green and orange ideologies. We don’t feel fully Irish, Or fully British, But are made to feel like we have to choose one or the other. We can determine our own future by taking the best of both worlds and stay in Europe whilst being an independent Northern Ireland. It’s time to move away from the fear of the past and put the people who didn’t perpetrate, Or encourage killings in the limelight. It’s time for the moderate to step out of the shadows and shine! We can self determine and work with both Europe and Britain to enjoy all the benefits that brings. Time to use our smartest people to get investment to; create jobs; tourism; renewable energies. It’s time for us to cast off the shadow of the past and have a new start, Our own flag, Our own anthem, And an independent mindset. A mindset that we can share for all of us in Northern Ireland.

  • Keeping Peace and reintroducing the past

    The only voices heard for Northern Ireland is either British or Irish. . . It is time that the word of Northern Ireland is heard. . . Freeing Northern Ireland from British AND irish Rule or interference. . . It is time that Northern Ireland decided our own future by ourselves. . . By becoming the Republic of Ulster it would bring further peace. . . As the republicans would be satisfied that britain has left and the L/U/P community would be satisfied that Northern Ireland still exists. . . We have a vast resource of gold which we are willing to give to germany in return for many things to ensure a bright future for our people. . Why vote UKIP when you can vote NIIP (Northern Ireland Independence Party)

  • We're Simply Diffrent from the Rest of the British Isles.

    The elaphant in the room that neither Republicans or Unionists will admit is that neither country actually wants Northern Ireland anymore at this stage of the game. The Republic DOES NOT want to take on the mess that is Northern Irish politics, Westminster/Downing St is sick and tired of dealing with Northern Irish problems which they don't even really understand and don't even really try to hide their indifference about anymore, And the rest of the UK half the time forgets there even is a Northern Irish provience of the UK, Or they don't see us as British. If the UK held a nationwide referendum I guarantee you they would vote overwhelming to get rid of us.

    Also another side to the case of independence is that both sides may say that NI is Irish or British, But we're really neither when you think about it. The Troubles and other factors over the previous century has left NI culturally distinct from both the UK and Ireland. There are also many still inthis province who do not see themselves as Irish anf would be greatly alienated if Unification took place.

  • Republic of Northern Ireland

    There are many opportunities for a small nation, Some examples include Monaco, Lichtenstein, Even the Vatican is an independent state body. Northern Ireland can self govern and control it's own destiny for its own people. It can attract investment through various policies such as Ireland has done and even go further.

  • Independence brings responsibility

    Community relations have improved after Good Friday Agreement and being in the EU with Ireland. Nationalists and Unionists should work together for making a success of the independent country within the EU. . Financial support of the UK and the EU would be needed for a period detailed under Brexit agreement.

  • I like ireland

    Give em rights my dude i feel like potatoes and the accents are great let me be FREE we dont discriminate here my dude british people suck anyway lol with dem teeth. I'd much rather jhave an irish accent than british also i love those red head fairy people whooo

  • Britain invaded us

    Our land, language culture were banned. Michael Collins sold out the North to get the south freedom- over 100 years we are waiting. We are not English, Saxon we are Irish - Britain has tormented our people for centuries - if the loyalists to the crown want to be British move back to England - you were planted here - the plantation of the Orange. One Nation Ireland one country- for the Irish and those who are proud to be .

  • Could we sustain ourselves financially?

    Northern ireland has the highest strain on the nhs with increasingly high rates of diseases, illnesses and mental illness. Suicide rates are the highest here too. However we do have the current lowest rate of unemployment and consistently better levels of education. Could we financially sustain ourselves without UK or Ireland?

  • Northern Ireland should be independent.

    Neither Ireland nor United Kingdom really want Northern Ireland to be theirs. If nobody wants them they might as well be independent. I think starting a country would be better than being a part of a country that doesn't want you. To conclude, Northern Ireland should be an independent country.

  • 'Together we stand. . ' Stick together in uncertain times.

    My fear would be of troubles breaking out again. There is more to running a nation, Let alone starting one, Than meets the eye. And would the idea be for complete independence or some kind of acknowledgement of the Queen? Or what? However, Perhaps at some future time when the situation re 'Brexit' is clearer, Then it might be looked at calmly--although in these uncertain times internationally, There is a lot to be said for 'together we stand. . '

  • "the Troubles" have stained their reputation as a country

    They will not be respected in political circles. When you think of Ireland you think of peace and neutrality in war but when you think of the North you think mainly of the troubles. This will present northern Ireland as an aggressive and violent country. Us living in Ireland would disagree cause all of us have family and friends living in the north but for someone halfway across the globe its completely different.

  • They should not.

    Northern Ireland should not become an independent nation. They are already part of Ireland, and should not defect. This would only result in one outcome, and that would be a civil war. There is nothing wrong with how things are set up now, and there is no reason to change it.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    It's fine the way it is. If the world in a whole makes things more complicated by becoming independent countries, when will the world truly unite at least to the point of understanding one another and working together in a productive society. So no, I don't believe it should be independent.

  • Being a nation is hard

    Northern Ireland is the angsty teenager of the United Kingdom. Becoming a nation is about more than just the label you put on yourself. Currency, banking regulations, national agencies for everything from food safety to building codes require years of effort, and the (relatively) minor differences between the Irish would seem inconsequential in the face of those realities.

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